200$ to burn on a bass heavy headphone

Hi everyone so, I’m looking for a headphone around 200$ (250 tops if it means a real upgrade) that has some kick to it regarding bass
I’m using a Topping MX3 DAC/AMP on my desktop and a FiiO BTR3 for mobile listing.

Of course, I went through the HiFi Guides recommendations, right now leaning towards Fostex T20rp
but i’d be happy to hear more recommendations

Only one limitation - it has to be on Amazon :smiley:

I would definitely say the beyerdynamic dt770 250 ohm. Great subbass for sure. The t20rps can have the potential to have good bass, but you need to throw alot more power at them to achieve this


dt770 250Ω x2… :+1:

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Actually also an open back option would be the Philips Fidelio X2HR. Also great bass, but I personally prefer the 770 250 ohm

Cool, thx :slight_smile:

The Meze 99 Noirs from Drop should also work for you.

Edit: Just saw that it had to be from Amazon. I know the Noirs are a $200 version of the 99 Classics, but I don’t know anything about the 99 Neos. I’d imagine they are very bassy like the other Mezes, but I haven’t tried them myself. Amazon has the Classics for $310 and the Neos for $200

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The Noirs/Classics are built pretty well, but the bass kinda overwhelms most of the mids, and imo don’t reach as deep as the 770. So if you are concerned with how the headphone looks, I would say its pretty nice, but I think the 770 is more detailed and refined

Yeah, I own both and the bass on the Noirs is a bit much for me. But i still find myself using them more than the 770s. I bought the 770s recently and they don’t sound the way I remember them. I mainly use them for gaming, but that’s about it these days

What impedance 770 do you have, and what are you powering them with?

I have the 250ohm and have been using a combo of dacs/amps. Until my 789 arrives, I’ve been mixing and matching my monolith thx portable, Massdrop CTH + SDAC, SMSL D1 + ZDT Jr, and I just got my Airist R2R and Dark Voice, so I will be trying that combo soon. Aside from the THX portable, everything has been a tube or hybrid, so maybe that’s the issue but I just feel like I remember the 770s sounding better when I heard them in the past. I can’t find it, but I want to say that Metal571 had mentioned a change to the sound signature of the 770s in one of his recent videos.

More than likely the issue is that I just have purchased and demoed much better headphones since I initially tried the 770s. When I first heard them they were as good as or better than anything I had tried previously, so I always had them in the back of my head as something to buy down the road. By the time I did, I already owned better.

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well im just happy that so far it’s only between 2 sets :slight_smile:

I still keep around 770s, 880s, and mdr v6s just for fun sometimes lol

BTW did you guys keep the original pads on the 770’s?

I did, although after 2yrs of use I did buy new pads. They can get kinda grimy, but you can actually wash them. I thought the comfort was just fine with the stock pads

I bought the Brainwavz XLs I had seen recommended. I liked the stock pads, but they were a little stiff. Compared to other pad prices, I could justify the extra $24. I can’t say they changed the sound much, but I found them more comfortable.

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That didn’t change the sound too much? Usually perforated or fenestrated pads reduce bass from my experience. I have tried the mrspeakers alpha pads and holy crap that’s too much subbass. Also adds an improved soundstage


You know, it’s hard to say. I wasn’t in love with them before or after the pad swap and it’s been awhile since I put them on, but the comfort was improved enough to leave the Brainwavz on for me. I mainly use them when I need a closed back for gaming, which isn’t terribly often.

I love beyer pads I wish they made them angled

The closest you can get is by making a 3d printed plastic insert that angles the backs of the pads

770 250 Ohm
for soundstage, soundsignature, comfort, isolation, buildquality and changeable parts

you get nothing better under 200