2022 Releases Worth Listening To

Funny you mention that. I was just catching up through my backlog of new albums, and the new Superchunk record was next in the list.

Listened from start to finish. Pleasing, dependable, solid indie rock. But nearly every damn song is played at the same tempo with the same song structure. Boring after a while.

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Very happy with Trombone Shorty’s new album that I bought yesterday. Lots of great horn sounds. One or two of the songs are a bit too “poppy” for me, but overall it is a really good album. This will be in heavy rotation for a while.


The Crystal Method and Rammstein are back! If you are into that kind of hard EDM and metal, I would definitely recommend checking these OGs out!


This probably isn’t the crowd for Broadway, but the all-female studio cast album of Jesus Christ Superstar is finally out and it’s just :fire: :fire:
Special highlight for me is THE Shoshana Bean as Judas

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Thanks to the beauty of Discord and a surprise listening party, I had the chance to hear the majority of the Chainsmoker’s upcoming album, So Far So Good, early.

I think it will come as a shock to people and would recommend going with an open mind if you have not liked their stuff previously.

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If you like Lana Del Rey, I highly recommend Suki Waterhouse’s debut. If the songs were bad, I’d call copycat (especially Melrose Meltdown), but there’s something really unique about this, I love it

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Agreed. Denzel never disappoints

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Just going to add here, Penon Serial :heart: KG&TLW

Lots of albums this week. Probably too soon to make some final judgment but, these 2 have stood out so far.

Really enjoying this album

You can listen on Spotify
Buy/Stream from Amazon, Qobuz etc. etc.

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I was trying that out on iTunes today. Didn’t push me to buy, but I will likely listen again.

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Not quite 2022, but close.

Some tracks are releases, but some are new

These are both excellent.

Jack’s new album is also fantastic if you’re into his kind of stuff.

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Well… big week.


Dude … Didn’t even realize today was the day for Kendrick’s album.

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Damn, I have this album by Kendrick waiting for me till late evening. Feedbacks are quite mixed from what I see though

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I think it was aiight. He stuck to the old formula, we didn’t get too much experimentation. Some love it, some hate it.

You always see fans saying bring X artist’s old music back. In this case, Kendrick continued what he is great at, what he got respected for with his past releases, and what his fans love him for.

I know he mentioned making a rock album, so I guess we can look forward to more experimentation if this isn’t his retirement project.

For example, an artist like The Weeknd is a perfect example of an artist who changed and also grew away from his old style. You always see fans asking for his old stuff, but they cannot appreciate his growth and maturity (that is a result of all the time that has passed).

Would I say that Abel’s new albums are worse than his old ones? No. They are different. We see him exploring the visual process more and his character development.

tl;dr I think Kendricks new album is good but not jaw-dropping because such a performance was expected after DAMN.

Been meaning to do this for a while. I bought the new Two Feet album, Shape & Form. I find I just get lost in his stuff some times.

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Idk man, I’m not the biggest Kendrick fan by any means, but this album is for me the best thing since Blonde by Frank Ocean. I’ve said this elsewhere, but it’s musically as ambitious as To Pimp a Butterfly and lyrically as masterful as DAMN.

The comparison with The Weeknd you made in the next post - I love his latest album and I certainly agree he’s grown a lot, and maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of his, but it’s still “the same” Weeknd to me (as much as, I guess, the new Kendrick is the same old Kendrick to you)

In any case, back to Kendrick: as I said, I haven’t heard a mainstream album so fully-rounded in every single aspect since Blonde (and I do listen to pretty much everything that comes out)
The narrative arc, the compositions, the elasticity he has towards rhythm and how he’s always pushing different accents than the (stellar) drumming that’s going on in the back, the production itself, THE SOUND DESIGN (my god!). Not to mention it flows so naturally despite being so particular.
I do think the album would be even better if the track We Cry Together was a minute long at the most because it’s clearly a skit but hey…

Mother I Sober is currently my absolute favorite

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