$228 down the drain

Okay, I just want you thought about this, as you seem to have a lot of exp with both AliExpress and NiceHCK store.
They will send me a new LZ A6 if I send the flawed one back. But sending it back will cost me $40 (total $80, but they will only pay half) and I don’t want to pay more for a product they sold me that was flawed.
I said no and now they say, they only guarantee 15-30 days after purchase. (I complained after 16 days)

Is this the same experience you have, or is there anyway you have made them understand they have a responsibility?

I mean @Lucas_silva convinced his seller to accept it.

I am actually very lucky since I have only faced 1 issue in all my iems/buds. And that was channel imbalance from Ibasso IT00. I ordered that from a uk store and got a replacement. But I actually asked for a refund and then they sent a replacement instead. (they replied that they were going to refund me, I have all the proof left.)

So problems with customer service isnt only limited to chinese stores.

But I am sorry to hear that you got problems with so many iems. And with this situation with the A6 and the NiceHCK store…I say you should try to get them to send you a new one (without sending the old one back) or a full refund.

If you can try one more time and they wont respond to you, send me your order nr and I ask them about it myself. (I should tell you that I am not affiliated with them at all so it might not do anything for me to ask them.)

Thx man, I will try that.

Here in the EU we have 2 years of warranty, but they have 15-30 days which is what makes bad QC to be a real problem.

I would do three things.

  1. tell them you filed a complaint within their 15 - 30 day window.
  2. tell them if they don’t make an agreeable solution, you will file a complaint with AliExpress Customer Services about their store.
  3. tell them if they don’t offer an agreeable solution in (give them a timeline) you will initiate a charge back for defective product and not offering an agreeable resolution to solve the issues.

be polite. firm and not threatening. be matter of fact, showing you know your way around sheisters.

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Thx. I have tried #1 but not the other two, as I found it not right to do go down that road yet. But the time could be right for it now.