~250€ Turntable recommendation

Hello, I would like to get my first turntable and make a wise decision. From my research I the LP120x seem to be good but its plinth is made out of plastic and it has issues witht the anti skating. Would you say that something like the Project Primary E Phono and a B-Stock ProJect T1 Phono SB would be better ?

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My budget recommendation still is the Rega RP1 (not + version).

Yes the T1 sound a lot better but is no match for a Rega P1. The Rega P1 offers a lot of amazing upgrade options too.

Did you consider buying a used turntable and refurbishing it yourself?
This obviously wouldn’t be a plug in and play option.

Do you own a phono stage / imput?
The Pro-Ject Phono Box E sound very good.

I can’t find any. I live in a “shitty country” where people don’t really listen to records.This isn’t and option either way.

I don’t have one, this is my first setup.
The Rega TT is a little over my budget.That’s why I chose those Pro-Ject ones.

Sry for taking a long time to answer.
A P1 really is worth it for the long run. Vinyl isn’t a cheap hobby and not really worth it on a budget. Consider spending your money on a great sounding CD Transport or DAC instead of a lifeless turntable you probably get frustrated with.
If you don’t want to play any very valuable records a T1 is fine. It also has an integrated Phone Preamp of I remember it correctly. You can just connect it to a standard line level Imput.

I also found the AT lpw40wn which seems fine. I also found that out from extensive research that vinyl on a budget isn’t worth it as u also said. Currently I’ll postpone my TT purchase as I want to get the Rega P1 or the DC and I also would need a phono preamp(which if u know any let me know) but if ultimately I can’t afford any of that TTs probably the T1 is my choice. As for the DAC I’ve settled with the Topping D10 as it is cheap and performes well. Also probably will pair it with the Adams T5V or with the Mackies MR624 and a Big Knob for future TT addition and volume control. Or if the price drops on the Edifier s2000 pro I’ ll get them.
Edit: Do you think that I should pass the Big Knob and just adjust the volume from my computer ?

The P1 sounds a lot better.

And use a Pro-Ject Phono Box E.

They are fun, good choice.
A quality volume control would be nice…
Maybe think about the studio one and ditch the DAC? Mackie stuff is very high quality.

I’m more of an old school analog guy and most of experience is about big Amps and Turntables and expensive Studio Gear. Maybe open a new thread in a different Topic to get some help from the digital experts.

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A good secondhand Dual is also worth a look.

What is a Dual ?

I think I’m also going to commit for the DAC as I don’t want to hear any crappy hissing or electronic noise or whatever.

he can’t buy used

This is a classic but they did carry on producing solid decks :+1:


Ok sorry my bad :+1:

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Maybe consider the Mackie Big Knob Studio.
As stated I’m not an expert on budget stuff but I used this in the Studio.
I think it has ballance outputs making it absolutely silent. The integrated DAC is nice and it will give you analog inputs. If you are doing some recoding this will come in handy very often.
But there are some amazing cheap DACs out there, maybe even with analog Imputs etc.

Ok thanks alot, I’ll ask on the forum for a cheap DAC because the Big Knob Studio is a strech for my budget and it offer a lot of feature which are useless for me. Thank you once again for the suggestions.

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Topping d10 or smsl m100 are my picks for the dac lol

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And big knop passive 4 volume and analog Imput?

That’s what I was thinking, the big knob should have 2 in and 2 out

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He should be able to go ballanced with Stereo 6,3mm to XLR going to the Speakers without any noise.


I know that the Big Knob passive is balanced but the DAC isn’t.

What do you mean ? Can’t I just use it with 1 input and ouput ? My pc and speakers.

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Yes I was just saying it has the option to support up to 2 inputs and 2 outputs, you can use it with the one input and output no problem