4.4mm Pentacon extension


I’m looking for a 4.4mm Pentacon extension cable, about 2m long. By extension I mean on one side a male 4.4mm and on the other side a female 4.4mm.

I’m been looking around and I cannot find someone selling something like this. The best I found was exactly the extension I need, but only 15cm long.

Does anybody know where I could get it, preferably in Europe? Or is DYI the only solution?

If you hit up halbycables on etsy he can make you one for a reasonable price in the color you want.

Ask XINHS from Aliexpress…in the chat they do custom work and will work with you on customs.

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Damn, I’m quite suprise this is not a commodity… I’d have assume I’m not the only in the need of a 4.4mm extension.

Anyway thank you very much for the suggestion.

Not all that surprising since Pentacon solved a problem nobody had.


Maybe this?

Thanks, that would be it.

Unfortunately it’s a bit too short for me and not available where I am…

I will look more into amazon tho.

In what part of the world are you?

Normally, I would ask if DIY was an option for you, but looking at the Pentacon Connectors I could find for sale, you would need a pretty steady hand and good iron.


I’m in Switzerland, but if it ship to Germany it also works for me.

Actually DIY is not a skill or equipment problem for me, as it’s kind of my job. Just I would rather buy a finish product as long as it’s not overprice.

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I would take 4.4 over 2.5 any day. I see it as a much sturdier option while still being portable. I can’t even count how many 3.5 I have bent and ruined over the years and 2.5 has to be even easier to bend. So kind of the opposite with 1/4" and 3.5. 1/4" is so much sturdier, but far less portable than 3.5. Am I just splitting mm’s here? :laughing:

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I was just thinking you have a fitting forum name if you are bending 3.5mm jacks… I kinda want to know how, but I am also kinda worried what the answer might be.

:laughing:. Mostly before the days of having Bluetooth in my car and connecting to an MP3 player. Never great places to place them and get tossed around or just trying to unconnect quicky while leaving the car. Also while in my pocket and on the go, plenty bent there as well.

Interesting, I have had a 3.5mm jack separate fro the plastic housing on cheap earbuds with that cheap plastic right angle plug… but never bent the jack itself. Though I do agree that 2.5mm is a bit too thin for my comfort level.

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XLR is best, 6.3mm is good, 3.5mm is acceptable, RCA is meh.

2.5mm is ONLY acceptable in specialty applications (bodypacks, radios, etc.)

4.4mm Pentacon solves nothing since the PCB footprint saves in width what it takes up in depth.

Balanced RCA is cursed.


4.4mm imo solves balanced connection portability issues. XLR is out of the question really and 2.5mm is flimsy and easily bendable

Mixers often have dual 6.3mm for their stereo inputs, so why not dual 3.5mm as output?

Sorry for derailing your thread @Hawaka

I guess you lost me there. Yeah sorry for the derailing. Can we move all this to an appropriate thread? (not sure whixh one that would be though)

@Multibeast, @MazeFrame That’s ok don’t worry. For me the 4.4mm has the advantage of the XLR without the bulkiness. 2.5 is definitely too flimsy. So I think it’s a great connector.

I understand that if you already have your whole system in XLR, then it’s just another connector to add to the collection of adapter. But if you have nothing, it’s a great solution to go with IMO.

Anyway, any recommendation to get the parts for a diy cable ? I checked on Ebay for the connector, and i can either get a pentaconn branded for 100USD, or a pack of 4 chinese for like 10. Not sure what to think of that.

FYI I would consider reasonable if the finish cable is around 60USD.

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I would definitely check with Xinhs on AliExpress since they do IEM cables and 4.4 is a common jack for IEMs. They should be able to do a custom for you. Ask @nymz if you need any help ordering a custom from them he just got a custom miniXLR modular cable done.