4xx, 6xx, 58x for music


What would your recommendation be between 4xx, 6xx, and 58x for all different types of music? I see a lot of references too gaming, but I am not a gamer so that really does not help me. Is there a better open back for music in that price range?

Recommendations for a closed back? I have been looking at the K361 for a cheaper closed back option. But also came across MSR7.

I havs a Fiio K3.

And what have you for Budget?

the 4xx, 6xx, 58x…and you should include the 5xx, are all open back…so if you want closed back, none of them are suitable. that said, for music they will all work, with the 4xx and 5xx being a bit better for more genre’s than the 6xx and 58x. that said, audio is a journey, so get them all! :smiley:

$200 or so.

I’d say 6xx for that budget no questions asked! Especially incredible on vocals.

For a closed back the k361 or k371(more bass, more expensive), the msr7 is very bright (and good), but many people dont like that signature.

For the open backs you listed all of them are awesome, 5xx for the most genres. The senns are extremely comfy for most people which is why I would pick 6xx, or 58x if I wanted a little more bass.

so you know, the HD6xx are essentially a budget Drop remake of the HD650’s for a lot less, so very well worth their price.

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I do realize that both are a grate deal… I just cannot for the life of me decided really between 58x and 6xx. Or if thats the way I want to go at all. This wound be my first open headphone.

As for the close back - I am looking for something that is great for listening to music. I am not looking for a reference pair of headphones.

For both open and close - I just want a good pair to listen to different types of music.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Really everything except country.
Some example of artist - Ben Howard, Bliss N Eso, Blue Man Group, Citizen Cope, Elbow, Fink, Gregory Alan Isakov, Israel Nash, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jon Hopkins, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, ¡Mayday!, Nils Frahm, Ry X, Strand Of Oaks, Twiztid.

so all 3 are headphones I would reccomend as all rounders the 58x goes toward my personal preferences more. considering you only have a k3 though the 58x is really the only option here. while the 650 can definitely be driven loud enough with a k3 with an additional balanced cable I still think it needs something with a bit more power to " drive it properly and with the 4xx I would definitely go with something much more powerful a at least with a $100 amp

Is it true that 58X and 6xx are very similar just the mids are a little better and bass is a little less with the 6xx?

What about close back options?

very similar yes though the 6xx has better amp scaling than the 58x and the 58x is easier to drive as well as has slightly wider soundstage and better imaging than the 6xx

closed back wise. I quitel ike the akg k371 as an all rounder as well as the meze 99 noir if you like bass

Thanks for the help with drop open headphones. I will go with the 58x.

Z seems to crap on K371 compared to K361. DMS seems to pick K361 too. Any thoughts?

if you want warmth and bass, the HD6xx are the way to go.

heck, take a look at the used market. you can usually get either for a song and if it turns out you don’t care for them, you can turn around and sell me for the same price. :slight_smile:

the 361 from a typical audiophile ear will like the 361 more its a more balanced more neutral soundw ith good mids. the 371 is a more harman neutral headphone meaningmore bass and the lower treble and upper mids will have more of an emphasis. I quite like how it sounds personally.

coming out of a fiio k3 you wont get that much bass unfortunately the 58x will have more bass than the 6xx.

So giving the K3 is 58x still smart to get? I will be happy?

Given that you have the k3 I think out of the 3 headphones here the 58x will run best off that dac/amp as it’s the easiest to drive properly