58x/6xx to a Sundara


I have been using my 58x for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love the sound so much more than my 770s. Music sounds clear, guitars sound great and vocals are awesome. The treble feels pretty contained to me, like shooting guns in games with a silencer isn’t cutting my eardrum open.

The two gripes I have with it is the clamp force which inflames my TMJ go crazy and causes my ears to ring and the fact that bass guitars just dont really shine like they do and if I do hear them they miss the punch. Now I am not a bass head and I actually kind of despise bass because it dilutes the rest of the mix from my experience, when I EQ my 58x it just recesses the mids and its incredibly frustrating.

I am now looking at the Sundaras because they do have that planar sub bass that might actually bring out the bass guitars/bass in general to my liking…is this true lol.

Just need some help and opinions!

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SundaraS have decent extension into bass but not a lot of volume down there. Many people would say they’re “lite” — I think they’re fine, but I am not a bass head either. Still, I don’t think you’ll get much improvement on bass impact vs your 58x. Maybe some more clarity but … I think this might depend a little on amps and a lot on subjectivity.


Extend the 58x all the way out and bend JUST THE METAL bands with your hands.
You can dramatically modify the clamping force of the Senn-6 series models like this very easy in the next two minutes.


Thank you for the reply, you are the first person that has given me a straight answer for this question.

That makes me a little sad but I actually looked over at the 1770/177x and I might give them a try. I saw some people talking about them being relatively close to the 6x0 series in sound with some more bass, their construction seems to be similar with the a thick veil for treble etc. and I have always wanted to try a higher end closed back.

I might circle back around for the sundaras or maybe something cheaper like the 400i just to see what a planar really is.

Yeah I have…for lack of a better term…a fatass head when it comes to some headphones. HyperX I always wear on the biggest setting same thing for Beyers. Even with those ski mask goggle bands they have been putting on gaming headsets recently…they just dont fit lmfao.

I have been bending them slightly every now and then and have noticed a significant reduction in clamp force! I dont plan on getting rid of them anytime soon because I absolutely love their signature for progressive post hardcore, metal etc. Might even need to buy new OEM pads because I bought these secondhand from a friend and pads might be worn down a bit :man_shrugging:

@syril The Sundara bass is a BIT stronger, but also has more punch and is very tight in a good way. Definitely not super deep, but the clarity allows the mids to come thru nicely. The biggest difference between 58x and Sundara is imo that the Sundara has a much wider, deeper soundstage, giving more “hall presence”
effect. I like both for different reasons, but if you want to sample a planar the Sundara is an Excellent buy! Just be sure to give it proper power to realize it’s potential.

So…I was looking around at some more choices and I found the 1770/177x (I kinda need a closed back due to my current situation, im in a loud environment). While I wanted to buy the Sundaras incredibly bad I found a good deal on the 177x for $380 open box and I snagged them up. I was reading reviews some people were stating they are kind of like an alternate to the 600 series so I decided I’m gonna give em a try…if they dont work out I can always sell and get the sundaras :slight_smile:

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It’s certainly a very different headphone from the Sundara. Judging from reviews only, the DT1770 is getting on toward being a “bass cannon” set — some people love them and some report that the bass is overemphasized and muddies up the mids. The 177x, which you bought, don’t have that problem, being retuned with input from Drop. I think they’re a good choice for closed backs

They came in earlier today and I have been with them a few hours and wow…they sound incredibly closed to my 58x I am very impressed. They kind are a tiny bit more “dark” in the mids as in they don’t really push them forward as much as the 58x does but they are so close its really not noticeable at all…and this is with the Dekoni sheepskin pads. I will say though, I have a big head and I wear my headphones towards the back of my head and the the plastic bit where the metal bands that adjust the size touch my head :frowning: I will have to start moving them forward a bit haha. Whoever designed it made the cables poke through the plastic bit and it touches the head no matter the size…

(never had Dekoni pads and wow…these are definitely an upgrade over the brainwavz ones & driving them on a Drop O2)

I am super impressed with them so far! I kind of want to write a review on them somewhere…

Cool… you have graduated beyond my meager input, then! I never swapped pads on the DT177x , myself. (I have specific ideas about the DT 1990… bit those are not original ideas; and the headphones themselves are a different kettle of fish).

I like the 58x Jubilee, I like the DT 177x a lot (for closed backs, again — a tougher sell for me). I look forward to your further impressions, pad swaps and mods or not!

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sundaras have bass and lots of it but you need to turn them up and you need power
consider something like the M1060 or modded open M1060C

I just posted all the good mid fi planars under $270 in the other thread

enjoy (I own sundara’s and think they are great and wouldn’t trade them for anything but I would rather have M1060C modded open vs my DT990’s maybe(I also like my dt 990s tho))

Alright so after a good amount of time with them I have decided to send them back. They pinch so hard on the place where my glasses usually sit and are insanely lose on the bottom, the velour pads make it worse because they dont even conform to fix the sealing issue.

I also just tried the Austrian Audio x55 and while they are good for mixing I can not stand for fun listening especially metal. My god the peaks on it where insane, kick drums, vocals and bass guitar sounded kinda sucked out and thin…my 770 sounded better.

Nothing has come close to the 177x in my preferred sound except for maybe my old Cloud 2s with their slight bass emphasis (too much for me) and their meh mids the one thing I hated about them were the sucked out treble (at 4khz it drops 15db).

back to the drawing board lmfao

yeah my DT990’s do the same on the bottom from how they sit in the case, my DT1990s arriving will probably do the same, they don’t mess with my glasses tho

did you ever try the sundara’s? the pads are like pillows, and for neutral and non mt treble they are great the sale ends tomorrow tho

Thats so weird my 770s dont do it at all.

I just spent a lot of money testing some headphones so I am gonna wait to get a refund on these two pairs. I dont know if I want to try the Sundaras yet. I am really trying to find an open pair.
I just posted this describing the sound signature I prefer. I consider the 177x to be my holy grail for headphone signature but they just dont fit me right UGH

i know you know sundaras are open but I just want to make sure
if worst comes to worst I know it wil change the sound signature and be another goose chase but maybe pad chance on 177x or pad chance on something else in the BD series to make it sound like 177X also i’m going to send you a pm lookout for it

Yeah Sundaras are on my list I see them selling on Ebay for like $290ish so not to worried yet about their price :slight_smile:

Yeah about that do you have an recommendations for pad changed. I am thinking of 770 with sheepskin might bring the bass up a tad bit and maybe recess the treble but I dont know much about pad changing.

I mean even after the $30 sale off ends they will be selling by hifiman with warranty for $300 open box and buy it with a credit card that offers an additional year warranty thats 2 years so I wouldn’t ever buy them used, and honestly without the extra year warranty no thanks too

checkout my PM it’s so cool the new beyers went back on the treble but for bass yeah some thick pads but mayble some material in the actual cup can cut the treble I know the 770 was one of the better ones among the XX0 beyers

That’s a drag that you liked the headphone but couldn’t find a good adjustment to the headband and earcups. It’s hard making recommendations just on sound, but when it comes to conforming to somoene’s anatomy, well… I got not hope.


haha yeah its sucks because now I gotta try and return them which is usually a pain but I my head was literally bruised after a couple of hours of wearing them while I was raiding in WoW.

I really enjoyed the HD58X’s and ended up moving on to the HD660’s.
I have the HD660’s and the Sundara’s now.
They are Very different headphones. And I really enjoy both.