177x alternative


I am looking for an "alternative to the 177x. When wearing them they pinch so incredibly hard at the temple/above the ear and dont properly seal at the bottom. When forcing them to fit they sound exactly how I want a pair of headphones to sound. I love the slight emphasis on bass with the sheepskin pads, the neutral mids which still gives me a full sound to my music and the slight hump around 4k keeps me interested in the treble but it doesnt make me feel like my ears are bleeding like the Hi-x55.

I am just looking for an alternative to the 177x
I have even considered doing some pad swaps on my 770 to try and match its sound I just dont know what pads to choose from.
Under $350 & Closed back are my only requirements

Music: Metal, Post-Hardcore, Nu-Metal, Guitar Centric music
Reference: I own 770, Cloud 2 Wireless, 58x Jubilee
My 58x are my favorite pair of headphones but I feel like when it comes to bass it lacks a but and in games like CSGO and Valorant I have to really turn it up to get some of the details like footsteps and world sounds (birds chirping, trees moving, wind rushing etc.)
I recently tried the Austrian Audio x55 and they were horribly disappointing they had a piercing treble, strange bass and the mids were all out of whack.

I am really struggling here haha

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I’m sorry to hear that. have you looked up mods to help with comfort / fit?

So one was to leave them stretched out over a box that ended up just making the clamp force lighter and making them seal even worse at the bottom.

The other one was to buy the Hifiman Dekoni angled pads for them and put them on so the slimmer part was the part that touched your ear…they are $70 and I dont know how much that would alter the sound so I found that not to be a safe investment.

Right now I am considering “modding” the 770s by buying some sheepskin or micro suede from brainwavz to put on them to hopefully bring out the bass a tad bit.

Shooting from the hip. The Emu Teak would be the way to go.

The comfort is really solid on that design. And stock pads are very comfy.

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lol since u have the cloud 2 wireless, you could consider Hyperx Cloud orbit S or audeze penrose

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I have been recommended it three times now lmfao I def gotta check them out.

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I considered this a while back but never got around to really checking them out, the thing I hated about the Mobius was the fact I couldnt use 3.5mm without it burning down the battery + I need someone other than IGN to review them. If you have some good reviews I will gladly check them out :slight_smile:

The Hyperx Cloud Orbit S should mainly be used plugged in usb, it supplies it power, and has its own built in dac and amp. I have the Hyperx Cloud Alpha and moving to the cloud orbit, the sound is leagues above it and it also has different EQs, like footstep eq built in that could be cool to switch around depending on what your using headphones for. Here is a review of Hyperx Cloud Orbit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkHJZ_vRaIY&t=489s

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If bass is what you’re looking for the dynamics in the emu teak is similar to an elex/clear and it’s punch is incredible. It really does sound like what you’re after

177x huh… change the pads will fix that problem of sealing most likely. If that doesnt work emu teak is another that is similar but my personal favorite that replaced my 177x are the dan clark aeons(not the original flows… open x from drop or rt from dan clark)

Open x also now has a closed variant. Drop variants are more neutral while RT is more v shape. They come with filter inserts that also change the signature too

Note changing the pads of 770 will not become 177x… tried to do this myself and had to use quite a lot of eq plus pad swaps to get around there

I think either the teak or aeons will suit you perfectly

Thank you so much!

So switching the pads on the 177x was an idea in my head but I had already put ~$400 into them. The velour didnt seal at all and other pads like the dekoni angled for the HE400i are insanely expensive.

I was considering the RT Closed…someone said in the Headphone advice discord that they are “overly dampened” I mean I think that is kind of what I am looking for…a smoother “veiled”) treble and a touch more bass than what a 6xx/58x has to offer.

Thanks so much! Have you tried the new D&C closed yet?

Not sure why you’d go angled for the 400i… they have pads for beyers on there. You can buy pads off others for like half that price in mint condition

Not the biggest fan of rt but I wouldn’t say its veiled… I have not tried drops closed variant as that just came out recently. I use open x

What is the response like, I am seeing conflicting things on reviews for the RT Closed (which is what the closed variant is modeled after/is right?)

The open x took the tuning from the ether and placed it in the aeons. The open x fr graph should be on drops page.

Rt or retuned came after flow. The original flows weren’t that good imo

Rt is a stronger v shape than open x. Both are more harman tuned similar to 177x

Edit. I should add that you do need an amp for aeons… improper synergy with them makes them sound off and congested… they vary from amp to amp. Want something that has good spatial recreations

Awesome, I have a Drop O2 that I think is rather good…any other amp I should look at.

that’s quite outdated anymore… if your going to something like an aeon I would recommend an amp such as asgard 3 or something of similar nature such as one of the Lake People amps + a respective dac as I found these can really open up the aeons… I use the liquid platinum on mine as I felt the asgard didn’t fully bring mine to life but that’s very costly. As for the teaks, I didn’t find the teaks all that picky like the aeons so any of the entry levels will work imo… still quite the cost

I am really stuck here, I absolutely loved the 177x but I tried to hard to fit them without them squeezing so hard above my ears.

I would like to try the Aeon X closed but I guess I would need a new amp and that would blow my budget out :confused:

Why not just get some different pads then? the regular dekoni leather or velour are like $40

why not try to find pads on the used market?

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Its not an issue about pads, its how the actual headphone clamps. There is too much pressure on the top part and not enough on the bottom. The only time I fixed it was to force it to close on the bottom or where them at their max setting (the headband was 3 inches floating above my head) and then the clamp would act normal. I am not the only one that has had this problem with the 177x/0.