58X compare to the dt880,dt990 , tygr300r

SO due to the money I needed to spend on my gaming peripherals I think that hd58x will fit my budget range// pls compare the soundstage and imaging also bass,mid,treble

@vintageLC 58x has the smalest soundstage, if you wanted more soundstage grab the HD 598 or 599 instead though beyers still have a larger soundstage, in comparison accurate imaging through all of them but I think the beyers may edge out a bit more in this area. 58x is balanced sounding nothing is overwhelming in the mix no heavy bass no high treble and mids are still present all with quite a lot of detail to them. 880 less bass more towards neutral mids bright treble lacks body / alternative 250 ohm 880 special black edition has more bass than original still more towards neutral mids treble now has a sharp dip and a roll off earlier in the frequency though still lacking body 880s can be seen more as an all rounder. 990 extremely bassy recessed mids extremely sharp treble lots of detail fully open back unlike the 880s large soundstage very accurate imaging not for everyone and best when paired with an amp that can work alongside that extremely bright treble. Tygr 300r please read my review if you need to I believe I linked it to you before if not here 🔶 Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R bassy, warm, smooth, detailed. Mids are more towards neutral like the 880 though slightly recessed. treble dips a little below neutral than peaks up causing a fairly unique sound can be altered with an equalizer though. Very wide very accurate soundstage and imaging

Competitive wise: most ideal 58x and dt 880. 990 has a ton of bass behind it and tygrs are bassy as well though I don’t find them as rumbly as the 990s