770 Pro's Going out - Bought 6xx's - Looking for some advice

I’ve been using DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm since 2017, with a Schiit Magni 2/Modi.

The right ear on my 770s is rattling in bass frequencies which is driving me insane. I’ve reached out to some repair sites and possibly this will get resolved. (If its >$80 I’d consider it worth to repair)

In the meantime, feeling a desire for something new I bought 6xx’s from Drop for $220. They are, as everyone says incredible for everything, but I find myself seriously missing the sub bass from the 770 pros.

I’ve seen people recommend the Sundara, but I can’t really find if the sub bass in Planar’s would be as satisfying as the 770 pros. One issue is budget, I’m reluctant to justify the +$130 for the Sundara’s when quality control issues are as widespread as they are. If they really are that big of an improvement then I can swing the cash.

The 58x’s are mentioned as having more bass, but I don’t think they’d compare to 770 Pros. Am I wrong?

I could see myself getting use to the lack of sub bass, but I’m hoping I can get a cheap repair done on my 770s, or I might find myself just buying another pair for $150.

Bit of a ramble, but I really appreciate any advice.


Sundara is capable of good bass extension and responds to EQ, however…

I’m going to guess that these will also fall short of your 770 aim. That’s a pretty deep v shaped frequency response.

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I appreciate that.

I’m thinking of keeping the 6xx, try to repair the 770s, and save up for some 1770s in the meantime.

Would I have any reason to buy a different amp/dac?

You may want to consider looking into DT177X instead of DT1770.

I can’t find very many direct comparisons, so I’m not sure what the $150 difference is.

Hang on a second, the technical ability of the Sundara far exceeds the DT-770.
And the 1770s sound the same as the 770 - the price increase is in the quality of materials.
The 6XX has great mid performance and is a sound microscope, but yes, no sub bass (or extension in the highs really - or soundstage width).

The Sundara out of the box is very bass light, but as mentioned by @lrjshabaz, they respond well to EQ and do everything better (except those weirdly good mids from the 600 series) than both cans.

Instead, consider the Fidelio X2HR. Far more musical than the 770s, more engaging (though less technically accurate) than the 6XX and can do bass even though it’s open.

If you can afford it however, go onto Ebay and look for a used Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 or TR-X00. I have the Purplehearts edition which is extreme V so probably not recommended for most, but the other two are less extreme, the Mahogany seems to be the middle ground choice.
They have a resolution increase over the entry level (basically in my experience anything below £400 - funnily enough, except the Sundaras which are stupidly good resolvers for the price) and actually play the lower region of the frequency response with authority (which of course, whilst well extended, the Sundaras do not).
They’re not mid forward however, and really benefit from a pad upgrade (Dekoni Hybrid Elites are my favourite) for comfort - well…to stop sweat and to keep it from moving on your head, sound is the same.

I had the same rattle with the 770s, tried to replace the driver myself, but ended up piercing the bloody thing with the screwdriver when I was trying to release it from its housing :frowning:
So yeah, give it to a pro and the turn around is usually quick. Sometimes you don’t even need a driver change, you just need to remove the hair that’s stuck in it.

So to recap:

  1. I’d recommend trying the Fidelio X2HRs before going up the food chain.
  2. If you get the Sundaras, prepare to EQ if you want to get some sub bass out of it - but yes, it’s a seriously good headphone for the price, even if you get a bad one, just reach out to Hifiman, their support is usually excellent.
  3. You probably want to skip the Beyers if your primary objective is listening to music, unless you get the 1990s and aren’t afraid of a treble peak. For gaming and movies, they’re still my brand of choice though except for the Heddphone and the higher end Audezes (actually even the Mobius is impressive in this field).
  4. You should be able to get the 770s repaired without too much issue.

I can’t give a detailed comparison between Dt1770 and dt770 since I’ve only briefly demo-ed them in the store. However as an owner of DT1990 and DT177X, I would say that DT177X sounds way better than DT770, it’s not merely cosmetic differences. I’m just an amateur when it comes to audio, so I’m not good with the audio jargons. Dt177x is much more detailed, greater soundstage and tighter bass compared to DT770. From my brief comparison between DT1770 and DT177X, the treble peak is much more tamed and comfortable in the DT177X version.

By the way just to add on that I own 58x as well, if you’re used to the bass in dt770, I don’t think 58x can satisfy you in the bass region. I like the 58x for acoustic music. Personally I have not tried the 6xx, so I don’t know if the differences are drastic enough to justify getting the 58x too.

It’s down to personal preference, I do not enjoy the really neutral headphones like sundara and I’m lazy to fiddle around with EQ. So I’ll choose dt1990 or dt177x over sundara any day.


Really appreciate the input @Purplezorz and @Kate_Ang. This has really helped resolve my thoughts.

My heart wants to go with the 1990 and 177x, like you have Kate, but my wallet is saying pick something cheaper while saving up for something in the $350 to $550 range. I also need a home theater upgrade!

I’m thinking I’ll return the 6xx’s, I got a wonky cable with them in the first place.

I can send the 770s in for repair, which looks like it’ll be $35+Shipping (Hopefully…)

And I’m thinking of trying out those X2HRs in the meantime.

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If you can go to 600$, get the Focal Elex…all problems solved.

Those are up there with the 1990 and 1770 for a $500-$600 tier.

Yeah you’re pretty much right. You aren’t gonna get that V shaped sub bass itch without your DT 770. I’d also consider getting a removable cable mod done as well while they’re in.

If you’re a sub bass addict the 6XX isn’t the right tool for that.

I feel it would be a great companion to your DT 770 with its mid range focus.

They could both be driven from a tube going forward as well for that rich experience.

Also consider getting some DT 990 Velour pads for the DT770 they’re comfier with better foam and softer overall when you get them back to refresh them. They’re about $40 or so otherwise Dekoni have great pad options for beyers.

I’m eager to compare the 770 pros and X2HR, it’s an easy return with Amazon if not.

Those mods sound great, but at that point I’d consider putting the cash up for a 177x or 1770 pro instead.

($40 for pads, $80? For removable mod) - lots of money put into a $150 headphone.

Fair enough, they’ll definitely have more soundstage and open. I don’t have as much experience with them unfortunately so I can’t say much else

I can’t imagine many users returning the Fidelios after coming from the 770s unless you’re in love with the monitoring sound.
I’m confident in the recommendation, but I’m still intrigued to see how you get on :slight_smile:

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Amazon has given me massive delays, but the price dropped on the X2HRs to $126.

The second order also is delayed, now arriving potentially in 2 days.

I’ve also decided to just order Sundara’s off amazon so I can compare the 6xx’s, Sundara, and X2HRs.

don’t find myself horribly picky, so I’m very curious about my future opinions on whether they’re worth $225 more.

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I think the Sundaras will kill everything once powered haha…well…there is the low end, but if you’ve never heard resolution at that level, that’ll probably wow you for a little while :smiley:
Will be interesting to see how you get on as all those headphones are the usual recommendations at this price point.

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Keep us posted, I am interested in seeing your comparison since I am also considering X2HRs or Sundaras from my 770

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Maybe consider T40RP? Great closed back headphone with clean sound and great bass. Sub bass is somewhat rolled off but it is fixable with EQ (imo). Comfort, unfortunately is not on the 770 level.

Also, taking good suggestions for what songs to compare the 6xx, Sundara’s, and X2HRs. I also have the slightly broken 770 Pros, and Sony XM3’s.

Sundara’s should be here within the hour.

So far I’ve found the X2’s suuuuper interesting. The sub-bass is definitely there, but I find myself EQing both the 6xx and X2s, and having a difficult time weighing them.

I should really compare them in gaming as well, as I do spend quite a bit of time gaming.

Here, try this song. You can see how the 6XX makes the vocals sound absolutely sublime, but you’ll be wondering where 80hz and below is. However, because it still has punchy bass, the kick of the bass notes should still be felt.
X2s should be much wider. I always EQ’d my X2 haha, usually in a V shape which is my natural love.
The Sonys should play them just fine - a bit dark, but they have the most bass and their noise cancellation creates a nice black background.

770s should be able to play everything fine, but I suspect it will sound a little lifeless compared to the others - I know other people don’t share my view, but to me they really are work cans - they display everything that’s there so that you can hear it…but it’s uncoloured and transparent.