🔶 7HZ Timeless II

This is the official thread for the 7HZ Timeless II

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear 14.5mm Planar
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Two Tuning Nozzles

:red_circle: Linsoul Link


Z Reviews…


Awaiting more reviews for this one :eyes:

Looks like 7Hz pushed back the release to correct some tuning issues. Good for them on not feeling the pressure and just making sure they release a good product to market.


The Timeless II needs more time


…. That’s what I’ve heard!


7HZ Timeless II $219 USD


It’s actually a great price.
I do admire their commitment to deliver a a good product.

Ill be picking up a pair once they’re out. The coolest detail to me is that theyre sensitive enough to not need an amp. Ive been wanting a good planar that can be used with a dongle or my steam deck.

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Any update on the release on the Timeless 2?

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It’s been silence since last year. They did announce a new IEM called the 7hz aurora.

And the aurora beat the timeless 2 to release now.

What the hell was so wrong with them. Reviews on pre release units were generally super positive.

If you watch Resolves first impression review of it, he basically thought it was an unmitigated disaster. The tuning gave me nightmares when I first saw it.

But he was basically the only one who had negative things to say - and i generally disagree with his opinions on tuning almoat entirely, so his reviews aren’t ones i personally use. And everyone else loved them, so it couldnt have been a real “unmitigated disaster”.

Something definitely spooked them though, thats for sure

They need to upgrade that crummy build quality :triumph:

Anyone know what happened to the listing? It was there yesterday and is now gone…



Noticed that yesterday as well. Very interesting.

I was interested in getting them, but the disappearance of the listing doesn’t bode well. I wonder what’s going on.

I just looked up my order number for my pre-order of the Timeless II at Linsoul. The order is no longer found.

Linsoul took the money, then canceled the order without refund. Not cool. Gonna reach out to them tonight.

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They delayed the release to fix the tuning problem, so everyone shows out of stock. If they’re replacing drivers or nozzles it could take a few more weeks. I didn’t like the AE version at all, the bass driver made them sound like any other dynamic IEM. I think they original was better, it’s the fun one. Maybe they got them off the assembly line and there was a change to the sound they intended.