🔶 7HZ Timeless Planar

Is it true that there have been several different batches of this iem?
Not that they changed something that was faulty but that they changed the sound. Or so I have read on some sites.

No. Sony N3 is not good in crispy detail nor resolution. N3 is good at natural timbre. Even FiiO FH3 has better detail/ technicalities. I own both. End up selling FH3. Take note N3 is more expensive

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Are there any IEMs with similar good timbre as the N3? I had them a while back but didn’t encounter any iems that have such a nice FR and timbre

I have heard that, and I know the filters and some of the ear tips changed between runs, but I am guessing that was more about supply issues, but I don’t think the sound really changed. They had some QC issues for a bit, but seemed to handle that well.

My Timeless has this thing where it makes a “crack” sound whenever a song starts/ends. Does it happens with you guys’ unit?

on just one song or any song?
if it’s any song try using a different source and see if it still happens