A Comparison between the Rupert Neve RNHP & Lake People G111

Before I get into the comparison, a little background information first. I’ve been a drummer for 18 years and bassist for 12. I have almost a complete full range of hearing (8 to 18.5 KHz last test).

So in my testing, I used my Schiit Bifrost 2 and Soekris DAC1321 for testing. In my main setup I have the RNHP connected to the BF2. I did a majority of my listening with my HD650 (my reference), but I also listened with my Audeze LCD-X, Focal Clear, and ZMF Atticus. I listened to spotify premium and my FLAC collection. All tracks played at 24 bit 96 khz or higher. Also, I wont get into any specs or build type of stuff, this information is available to anybody using a Google search.

The 1st thing I did was hook up the G111 to my Soekris DAC1321 and listened for my 8 hour workday last week. It sounded great and the attack and speaker like pressure was my first observation. This is new, I thought to myself…I’ll get back to this observation in a bit…

The next thing I wanted to test was DAC pairing/synergy, so I hooked up the RNHP to the Soekris and the G111 to the Bifrost 2. Soekris and Lake People/Violectric has been a legendary combination for years as they synergize extremely well. I listened to the BF2 + G111 and it sounded good, but not as amazing as the it did on the Soekris. I then listened to the RNHP on the Soekris and was shocked…never expected to hear the RNHP sound so badly. I promptly moved the G111 back with the Soekris and the RNHP back with the BF2.

I then spent another day with the G111 and ran it through my test list and some casual listening. I started thinking to myself…is the G111 slightly colored (warm)? It seems to me it sounds more laid back. So I brought the RNHP down to my Soekris + G111 setup and used RCA splitters to have both amps running in real time. Listening with my HD650, switching back and forth, same song then different song, it was becoming a little clearer to me … the RNHP is much more intimate and narrow. The G111 has a wider staging than the RNHP. The RNHP images better as a result, but then my thoughts started wandering…am I losing detail on the G111?

The next day I listened with my Focal Clears and ZMF Atticus and everything came into focus for me. The G111 had an initial sound of warmth because of the wider staging. Usually detail is lost as a result, but the G111 doesn’t lose that detail. Remember when I said in the beginning of my comparison the attack and speaker like pressure was new…that characteristic is how the G111 compensates for the width…it’s like it has it’s own room correction dsp in a way. So that bit of warmth I thought I heard wasn’t warmth, it was added space. Pretty neat, huh?

So my conclusion is quite simple, both amps are neutral. The RNHP wins on imaging and the G111 wins on staging width. Is this width over exaggerated? Hard to say, but if it is…the spaces that are occupied within that stage is incredibly natural sounding and nothing sounds inaccurately placed in comparison to the RNHP.

Both amps are very neutral, or close to it. Both share a lot of characteristics. Both are extremely picky about the DAC pairing (eecially the RNHP), so synergy is key for both amps. I can say with 100% confidence that I can recommend either one. Just make sure you have the proper synergy or you won’t be getting the most out of your setup.


Nice write up, very detailed :+1:

Just wondering, for the clear, rnhp vs g111 in terms of timbre and also presentation on which are closer to life to you? Curious on your thoughts on this


Tough call, but I’d probably say the RNHP has the upper mids and treble nailed for that. The G111 has the lows and lower mids nailed. They both really didnt want to give any ground to make my comparison easier on me, lol.


WONDERFUL write up! I’m looking forward to updated details as you experience them.


It’s a difficult comparison for sure, both are so good lol


Very nice write up! I feel you on the synergy thing. i am going to buy a new dac soon(looking at you donald dac) to pair with my lyr3. I don’t know if i am just to use to it, but on that amp i am actually missing my modi 3 :grimacing:. I don’t care that much for the zen dac paired with it, makes the high’s to tame or something. can’t quite put my finger on what it is about the pairing. Could be the t60rp’s are not synergizing very well with the zen dac. But since atm I use the lyr3 exclusively with my t60rp’s, I need a new dac that matches better.


A) You really do have a lot of nice gear!
B) Very nice write up! :+1:

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me logging into audio forums.


Hazi I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, it was cool to read. I can totally understand what you are saying with the G111 and I honestly can say that the Lake People/Vio will have not just a “house sound” but house “experience”. I’m jelly I don’t have a Soekris DAC yet to get that boss pairing synergy.

@ShaneD If I recall, you have the V200 coming. Do share your thoughts on that when you have time.


Spatial recreation and control champs :ok_hand:


Actually V220. And I certainly will. I am hoping Friday, but who knows.


So by “house sound” you mean it sounds like you’re in a big house? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, here’s a B-Stock G111 for 60 euros less, if any europeans are interested.

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Great write up, I think you just made my decision a little easier, although I’d have to work on the synergy factor, I do seem to like your description of the g111 more than the rnhp personally. Think I may just pull the trigger.


I owe you big time on this Hazi. I know it may be subjective but i was thinking about pairing the Soekris DAC 1321 with the RNHP. But its sounds from your experience they dont go well together. Also thinking about the Lake People amp but since it gives more soundstage i’ll make sure to stay away from that. im not a fan of a lot of soundstage. Also i’m more happy with my RNHP now. Glad it has a closer soundstage and detail. also glad about the good treble on it.

Can you describe what it was about the soekris/RNHP pairing you didnt like?

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Ant, you need to just try stuff because what you hear and perceive is VERY difficult to assist with. For you personally, a good return policy or good resale value is going to be key when figuring out your pairing. Also note, RNHP + BF2 can do WONDERFUL things compared to the to what my Airist can do in comparison with the RNHP (a noisier version of the Soekris).

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Yeah im starting to see more and more that my tastes seem to be different from most others i think. I love detail above all. A large soundstage seems to take away some detail. but everyone seems crazy about soundstage lol. I love elevated treble and bass for a exciting signature. But most people seem to want neutral or warm headphones. I dont care about natural sound. Most of my like i listen to music that is very tailored in the studio to give a specific sound. its mostly electronics. idk lol

Also clarity is a big deal to me. or treble. i cant stand rolled off treble and dark headphones

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R2R maybe detail overload, so you’ll need to find synergy. Regardless, it looks like 2 solid chains you can’t ignore is RNHP + Bifrost 2 (I can personally attest, magical and must for my Audeze) and the Soekris + G111. Mixing and matching that much might be leaving some details on the table.

The write up is perfect for maximizing the best wow/enjoyment factor out of each DAC. Also note at these prices is where most people will probably want to call it end game as the cost really starts shooting up fast.


So that was why I recced the bifrost 2 for you initially, because it paired well with the rnhp, but your preferences did change


I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the V220.

The G111 has me dreaming of what the V281 sounds like. That is my future solid state end game purchase.


The Soekris RNHP pairing was just off. The imaging felt disrupted and the RNHP almost sounded confused on how it wanted to sound, if that makes any sense.


Well I guess the V220 will cover the SE side of it anyway. :grin:

At this point I am just thinking great SE with this and great balanced with the LP.

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