A new thing from HAC

Alright here’s what’s going up here in a moment. Actually posted before the stuff has sold through. Progress!

PC-3 in Mach-1

Braided Interconnect

Braided Dubble Bubble looking cable :joy:

A questionable color scheme on an HC-10

White Braided HC-9


We have these going up on the site in the next hour or so!

Braided dual 3.5mm headphone cable

Color Coded Multi-kit 2

Me trying to branch out on color selection on a sennheiser cable

Braided Multi-kit matching that HC-9 from earlier


Here’s this week! On a bummer note, I’ve noticed some copy cats pop up aside from Apos’ original take on our stuff :laughing:. I know the main designs we do aren’t necessarily that novel, but same parts, same verbiage in their listings, even the same website template. But of course things are priced like $30 to $40 higher. Anyway back on topic:



That is a bummer :cry:. Personally I’ll be staying away from the posers and here is proof with a nice family photo. The new custom HC-9 turned out perfectly and the smaller splitter connection is a nice new addition since my last order.