A 'what-if' scenaio

if you had the option of having several lower quality headphones that each did something better than others or just one headphone that had one superior characteristic, what would you choose?

for instance, with the lower quality, one had better bass, another had better mids, the other had better high’s. one was really good for detail, another had sound stage while the other had imaging.

and the one superior headphone? it follows the most recent Harman curve perfectly…but isn’t quite as comfortable as the rest. its comfortable, but not as…

edit - as amended, you can have 4x $500 or 5x $400 headphones or 1x $2000 headphones.

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In that situation the 1 good headphone, but it would depend on how good the other headphones are

What did I’m already doing the former.

I wanna run this through you dt990, he 4xx ,hd 58x, akg k240.

Ok what about them? They seem to cover most of the bases

thats my personal situatuion and that is situation 1 would you think they are all good enough? or what would you change or add?

i’m going to say one good headphone. i try to enjoy the music more than i enjoy the gear. use the gear to accomplish amazing sound

If it’s still comfortable i would choose the 1 headphone. Anyways even though i do have pretty diverse music at the same time it’s not too diverse so i wouldn’t need plenty of different sound signatures

If I had to choose, then it would be one comfortable headphone that was the closest to all the things rather than one that performs better but is uncomfortable.

I get wanting multiple headphones for the specific case, but when I look at my own habits I tend to use one the most as I have no genuine need for multiple headphones.

I, personally, want to enjoy listening more than follow a FR curve or chasing that last detail out of a recording.

indeed…but would we truly be happy with squeezing into a ‘one fits all’ solution? would you not find yourself wanting for specialities that the cheaper but adequate headphones excelled at?

Well I mean you have a nice planar, a warm great dynamic, a brighter dynamic, and a more studio monitoring headphone. I don’t think there is something in there that I would say you are lacking, and anyway it’s your ears and it’s what you prefer lol.

Some people are perfectly happy with a headphone like that. I know multiple people who sold off their other headphones for a 650 and love it to death lol.

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True that. Probably gonna grab a bassy closed back at some point and I’m pretty much done until I want to get into the more expensive range of things

what do you have right now RG?

dt990, he 4xx ,hd 58x, akg k240.

gotcha…didn’t realize that list you posted earlier is what you have.

are you dissatisfied with any of them? which one’s and why?

what gear do you have to power them?

I’m happy having several headphones. I have Verum 1’s for sit back proper music listening. I have the HE4XX for every day TV/Movie listening, on which I’ve already worn the pads out. I have 1More over-ears which I was using on the train as they are closed back. And Tin P1’s which I mainly use for listening to music for a little while before going to sleep. So my different headphones are more for different purposes. I also have Audeze EL-8C for good closed back listening but I haven’t used them for some time. I worked out that my preference is for open back when I’m not in a position to annoy others with them.

not really satisfied with any of them they all warrant the price and do all their inttended jobs very well.

Also very happy owning several headphones lol. Now it would be hard only having one pair

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Interesting. So then are you looking to make one big purchase or upgrade them one by one?