Absolute noob needs speakers

Hi all,

After having spend a year reading and trying out headphones and IEMs, I am pretty content with the collection I have now. However my TV is still hooked up to a JBL soundbar that is terribly mono and it annoys me that my girlfriend is always listening to music on them. So I am looking for a set of speakers to connect to the TV, but which are mostly used to listen to Spotify through the Chromecast with Google TV.

Due to the aforementioned quest into IEMs and headphones I am pretty much broke. I was looking at either getting some active speakers like the Edifier R1280, R1700 or R2000 (which are all in an outlet so relatively cheap) or getting passive speakers with a A/V receiver. I saw some Dali 505’s and Jamo S426’s.
Since I know nothing, absolute 0, about speakers, I have no idea how these would compare and what the best option would be for me. Should I look for active or passive speakers? Are any of the things I mentioned any good?


Budget? It is a good place of reference

I just managed to find a good deal on a AV receiver, so I am only looking for passive speakers now. I’m mostly looking used for about €50-€100 and I’m located in The Netherlands. I mean I can save up to purchase something more expensive, but I have no idea how it would compare. For instance the Q Acoustics 3020i’s are +/- €250 here (new), but since I have 0 idea how these compare to the Dali’s or the Kef Q5’s I don’t know where to start looking.

Many rave of the Micca RB42 but not sure if available there. Or Polk audio or Klipsch? bookshelf or floor standers?

Leaning towards floor standers, but quality is more important to size and loudness. Micca is not available where I live. Polk and Klipsch are, but they are usually quite expensive. Looking at new, R-51M is €280 for a pair, Jamo S803 €270.
Basically everything mentioned on the forum I can’t find for sale (at least not second hand) and everything I can find, I can’t find any reviews of.

All I can say is Patience…Someone on here has your answer…I am here in the States so do not know what is and isn’t available for you

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My SO vetoed floorstanding speakers unfortunately. Looking at the klipsch r-51m now and possibly putting them on stands :thinking:
Or the Jamo s803?

Start somewhere you can afford that has positive reviews that resonate with you. It probably won’t be your last pair of speakers and it will give you a point of reference for future purchases.


The klipsch play louder with less power. They go on discount in america for around $135.00.

Since you settled on a receiver get the jamo 803 and invest in a ELAC 1010 subwoofer.

Edit: the cheapest 10 inch or larger subwoofer you can find. Klipsch, ELAC, jamo .

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I live in an apartment building, won’t that cause fights with the downstairs neighbours?

So some things I’ve found new are
Klipsch R-51m €233
Klipsch R-41m €180
Jamo S803 (2.0 set) €219

Now I need to see which are best and whether I can find something comparable for cheaper used.

Get the klipsch R51 save for a 10in sub keep the gain/level on the sub low. A subwoofer really helps with the tone on small bookshelves.

As does the room correction of the receiver.

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Should I put them on speaker stands, put them straight on the floor or buy those angles things that make them face diagonally up?

Might be able to get a discounted S 803 for €185, so that’s €50 cheaper than the R-51M, does that change the decision?

If you play with sound levels in the more “normal range”. No issues. :slight_smile:
Giving everyone the possibility to rest at night times.
When it’s tuned right, it just gives you the low end without shaking anything and not over powering sound with bass. Speakers and sub play in harmony, even with low volumes.
Blasting the driver out will most definitely cause neighbor issues.

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You want the bookshelves about ear level. $300 subwoofers are more midbass. I havent heard the jamo but have a pretty good idea what it might sound like.

If you intend on using the 50 toward a small sub get the jamo if no sub get the klipsch.

If you like a V shaped sound get klipsch. What brand of receiver you getting?

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I am getting a Denon receiver, the AVR-1612 to be precise. It sucks that all the stores are closed, I can’t audition anything and the stores with good return policies on speakers are pretty expensive.
I found a set of wharfdale 220’s for €179, though I’m not that impressed with the looks.
I feel like speakers are much more difficult to figure out that headphones, it seems there are more speakers and there are less reviews.
I’m not really into v-shaped I think. I’m listening mostly on the He400i, tin T2 and FiiO fh3 so I guess I’m more of a neutral kinda guy. The q acoustics 3020i might be a better fit in that regard.

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Those Q acoustics have good reviews. They look like a bigger RB42 . :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I have the 3030i and they are remarkably well balanced. They have great tonal quality and have a nice full-bodied sound without sounding boomy. They also have good detail without sounding bright. Really very impressive for the price.

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Okay sorry for being a pain in the butt, last question: how badly doe the q acoustics behave if you put them close to the wall?
I’m leaning a bit towards the Wharfdale since they are significantly cheaper (€178 new vs €239 for a demo product) and also because the Wharfdale 220 has a down-firing bass with an elevated design, and people report you can easily put it near or against the wall. I don’t have much room to work with.

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Your choices are getting more premium and prices are going lower WTF :rofl:. yeah get the wharfedales, they get great reviews.

Hell i want wharfedales just to say i own a euro brand, lol.

Also, this is an audio forum all we want to do is look listen talk and mess with audio any chance we get.

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Well that’s definitely good to hear! I just ordered them, should have them in by tomorrow, very excited.
I’m debating whether I should connect them bi-wired, seems kind of redundant if the wires are cnonected to the same output on the receiver side. :thinking:

Thanks for all the responses, really appreciate it!