Acoustic Treatment

Anyone know of a company that makes quality acoustic curtains? Harder to find curtains versus the typical acoustic panels.

Great question! Acoustic curtains have been something bouncing around my head but haven’t looked into yet. Looking forward to the answers.

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rugs. get some thick Persian / afghan rugs.


I have a couple nice rugs. Was looking into curtains as I need to buy some anyway.

no no…I mean hang rugs on your wall. :smiley:


Yeah, right over my head lol. However, my point still remains. I have panels for the walls already. The windows could use some treatment though.




I don’t know if their stuff costs too much…but it might be a good start on learning what’s needed so you may find a non-standard and more affordable solution?

btw…did you make a build log for the panels?

GIK Acoustics made them

I bet theater curtains would work. Because all you really need is something heavy.

Come to think of it… I don’t know if theater curtains are heavy. But they look like they are.

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Do curtains double as diffusers ?

They mainly absorb (I think)

Soft stuff absorbs, hard stuff diffuses.

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Ok was hoping the ruffles would aid in breaking up sound waves.

Careful those ruffles could clog the instruments!


I just bought some curtains from bed bath and beyond.

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Let’s be honest, you really bought sonic room treatment, they just “happen” to be curtains. :slight_smile:


You got me lol

Was just thinking…if you double (or triple) them up I bet they kill anything coming off the window.

wooden shutters or blinds could help as an idea?