Active monitors as Hi-Fi PC speakers?

Hello there my fellow audio friends,

I am looking for advice in choosing right speakers for my situation. Now i am using a Hi-Fi tower, pretty old one, Sanyo DC-X2, connected torough aux input right in my laptop’s audio output. Last week i got a really great deal on DAC Topping E30, which has a signal output, no amp and which i took and now i need something to fullfill it’s potential.

What i found looking so far are studio monitors, that are in my price range (450$) and should be best for my use. Those are KRK Rokit 5g4 and ADAM AUDIO T5V or maybe cheaper MACKIE CR4-X with subwoofer or MACKIE MR624, because i dont really listen to music really loud. Because of my setup i would think that KRK’s with built in equalizer i could adjust right as i need and they too have a bassreflex in front, but its commonly known that any speakers shouldnt be right next to wall or corner, but i don’t really see any other option here.

My setup looks something like this, while right speaker is in corner beacause of my monitor being on an arm that i am moving here and there because of the second table I am often working on. Here is a brief presentation :

Even if you have some advice about positioning of my speakers, would be much appriciated. My room is roughly 30m squared, but i do listen mainly just as pictured.

For the use, mainly its PC speaker, so movies, games, and general use, but i really like listening to good music and i dont like headphones really and i do have the E30 already. My actual setup is kind of ok, but i really would love some better sound.

I would love any recomendations or advice. Happy to be here. Thank you

Out of those choices and the fact that I have them… I will say T5Vs all day all night…The tweeters on the T5Vs are just amazing…

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Thank you, yeah i would say they are my favorites too, but i am little bit affraind of their positioning right next to wall. But it absolutly suits that what i love most and that really hard metal.

I use mine on my full rig simulator and have a ten inch sub for them… system powered by a Schiit jotunheim and SMSL su8 dac… On my full time rig I use Kali audio LP6s as they are front ported 6.5s… They don’t need a sub…

Thanks, i actualy tought about those Kali audio speakers too, i will have to find little more about them, but i guess they sound really nice. But what would you say, if you have both adams and those, how would you describe the difference?

Then the MR624 would be ideal. They’re known for playing extremely well at low volume.

Not all agree with this as to many the Kali is a budget monitor but to me they also have crazy tweeters and thump like crazy when called for… Front ported and has boundary eq dipswitches so you can customize to your layout… Distance, height etc… Mine are on stands as my desk is a little small to fit with my screens I put them on Kanto 32 inch steel stands and they are in a equilateral triangle to me… The sound is really pleasing and set height is perfect to my ear height… At $149 apiece that is pretty hard to beat…

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kanto yu6 are good at 400$/pair as well. and if you wait, they run multiple sales each year as far as i can tell.

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This. The clarity and soundstage on the T5Vs are stunning and they never get fatiguing, either. I would start with those and add a sub later if you need more bass.

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I’m considering a similar setup but with a lil higher budget (700$). Any recommendations?

If you have the space, you could see if the T7V will fit ($500 / pair). Maybe budget some money for some stands (I use Soundrise).

I’m personally saving up for the A5X next but those are $1,000 / pair. I’m a bit of an Adam Audio fan when it comes to desktop speakers but the tone, voicing, clarity and soundstage of these speakers are just spot on.

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Thank you all guys for replies, i will probably try those adam audio then and we will see how it will work out with that positioning near the wall. In worst case i can try to fill basreflex hole with some molitan or even return them and then i will try these Kali or KRK’s. I heard too the are not really good when played on low volumes, but that was i think for T7V’s, so idk with T5V’s.

Would these work well with the Topping A90/D90 combo?

I think that would be an excellent combination. I use my T5Vs with a Topping DX7s. You can take advantage of the balanced connections. :+1:

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My limited experience of having decent-tier speakers on my desk for 12 days, I would make more room behind your speakers if they are rear ported.
The random items on my desk behind my speakers act as diffusors. Without them, sound changes (never clean your desk up people! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thanks :smiley: i will try to somehow make it better, mybe i can instal wall mounted arms for them, bit once again, rear ported are probably not the best here for me. Onlything i can do now is try it.

One of the main reasons I went with the Kali audio Lp6 is front port…They can be against the wall and not be affected

Thank you, would someone here know something about sound difference between these monitors? I cant really figure out how different could it even be, if i will really recognise that that much.

Since I own the T5V as well as the LP6… Out of these 2 The T5v tweeter is the better for its tweeter and as well for its smaller size but it needs a little more thump so to speak, however if you have enough room for the slightly larger LP6 then it to me is the winner simply because of the size of the 6.5 woofer for amazing low end as well as the ability to shove it up against the wall.

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I can definitely stand by the Adam’s. I’m loving them. Positioning is super easy as the sweet spot is super wide. Honestly no matter how I positioned them, the imaging was spot on.

I think that the bass is more than adequate for me but I don’t ask for much in that department. Not a crazy amount of bass but very tight and controlled.