Adding variety/utility to my collection

For… reasons I’m looking to add some variety to my audio gear/headphones. I’d like some advice/recommendations for gear that can… complement what I already own. Maybe a sound signature/style that I haven’t heard, that sort of thing.

This is the gear that I already have:

  • Yamaha AG03 (desktop DAC/audio interface/mixer)
  • Monoprice Liquid Spark
  • Sennheiser HD6XX
  • E-mu Teak
  • Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0

On the way (will arrive at the same time whatever is recommended here) :

  • Koss KPH30i
  • EarStudio ES100

So some of the stuff I’ve looked at to buy are:

  • Monoprice Portable THX Amplifier - I’m really curious about THX. This is the gateway to it, and it would be a good way for me to use my nicer cans at work (where the input sources are… my cellphone).
  • Hifiman HE4XX - I’ve always been curious about planars, if they really are a special thing. Other things I’ve looked at for the same reason: Hifiman Sundara. I’m worried over Hifiman reliability, though.
  • Neumann NDH20 - the glowing reviews have me curious. But the price is a fair but more than I’d like to pay.

No IEMs, my ear canal doesn’t particularly like them. The other restriction is: this has to be something that will ship reasonably soon. It can’t be something like the Argons which have a weeks-long waiting time. So, thoughts on which (if any) I should by? Any choices that I haven’t included that I should consider?

you could go for something more fun like a nice bass heavy headphone.

They are. In fact, it seems to me like most of the times experienced reviewers have declared a ToTL headphone to be endgame material - at least in more recent times - they were talking about a planar. So tread carefully if you start in this direction - here be wallet-eating lions. :slight_smile:

But maybe don’t start with the lowest-tier planars if what you’ve heard already is at Sennheiser HD6x0 levels of detail - you may not hear much improvement over that. Look for something with bottomless planar bass and better-than-HD600 speed to get a clear idea of what planars can do. Maybe Sundara or a discounted HE-560, or if you’re a low-volume listener the Verum 1 (these HiFiMans could still sound a bit rolled off in the bass if you keep them at quiet levels, and you might still miss out on the “bottomless planar bass” experience with them; OTOH there’s the waiting time and the potential QC issues with the Verum).

Well the Sundara is available at the apparently permanent discounted price of $350… is there a version of the HE-560 I should prefer if I choose to go that route? I know that some versions of the 560 did have durability issues, so which are recommended and which should be avoided?

one has durabilty issues and the sundara runs into the whole drivers dying thing not sure if it has been fixed in recent batches.