Aeolus Suede VS Elex

Ok, so ive been listening to the Aeolus for a while now. I had to switch over to suede cause the lambskin was getting me down. even didnt want to listen to music anymore. Switched over to suede and it was a whole new headphone. reminded me of the Elex.

So ive been switching back and forth between the two. And i got to say i think im liking the Elex more. The Aeolus certainly doesn’t seem worth its 1200$ price tag.

Now i now theres a lot of you guys out there with both these headphones and the suede pads for the Aeolus. Can you guys listen to these 2 headphones, the Aeolus with the suede, back to back and tell me what you think?


At least you are trying, the ZMF’s sound signature is just probably not your thing. You are putting as much effort into liking these as I did into my mono price 560’s and then finally relegated them purely to blues and jazz, and that only because i love the build so much.

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Yeah, though maybe he might like the Auteur more? I thought the Aeolus was the warmest headphone ZMF makes, right?

Resolve Reviews really likes the Verite, says they are extremely detailed.

thanks but no. the next headphone im going for is the Stax L700

I would not encourage @Antpage2 to waste anymore money on ZMF personally, sometimes you just gotta move on or stick to what you enjoy.

thing is the Aeolus with the Suede pads arent warm anymore. they are a lot more cooler

Yeah, I mean you gave them a solid try. So I guess maybe better to move on. I think maybe your taste doesn’t quite line up with Zeos… haha. First the NDH 20 and now this.

well not this side of Zeos taste. zeos likes all kinds of difference headphones.

yeah that’s true.

Well maybe now you can sell the Aeolus and use that money to upgrade some of your components or try something else. :smiley:

My own opinion based on my current experience and advice would be to purchase a few more amplifiers. One of each style so that you actually have something to compare to. You are using one amp currently. It’s ok but only allows for you to hear what your headphones sound like just thru it. Every time I plug a headphone into a different amp and I allow myself the time to truly listen, I can make out fine differences in sound signature. Also depending on your headphones sensitivity and OHMs rating different styles of power scale them differently. Sell, trade your ZMF’s for an amplifier or 2 and spend some money on it, don’t go cheap. You are building up a nice selection of headphones, get them some varied power. IMHO, just sayin’. Have fun w/ it Ant.

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Well, I think if he’s going towards the l700 it’s somewhat redundant imo, as that wouldn’t even use a traditional headphone amp

Yeah but he’s not gonna stop there…There will be more… :rofl:

Sell Aeolus = $1100-$1200
Sell Aiva = $400-$500

Then buy L700 and used Energizer. Done.

You could also sell the Koss too… given you wouldn’t really need it anymore with the Stax

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dont be so sure lol. the other night i had all my headphones out and i couldnt tell a big difference between them all. i thought “why do i have all these?” i think i’m gonna send or sell them all and just keep the Elex and buy a L700 and be done.


Go check out this site, he has a few nice used pieces for sale too.

I agree w/ you there, if you have found something you enjoy stick w/ it. Seriously I’m all for that. Enjoy the music and relax above all else.

Pretty much where I’m at too, honestly… I’ve already sold off almost everything over $100 except the Clears and RNHP. Still have the 887 though, but it’ll be up on Ebay as soon as I get a chance.

I do plan on saving up for the MK2 mini, but I need to file and pay my taxes first and take care of otther expenses.