Aeon 2 Closed vs Audeze lcd2c

Hello I’m in a very confusing stage where I’ve been researching quite a bit and narrowed my choice to two headphones. Either the Aeon 2 Closed or the Audeze lcd2c.
What I think the Aeons do better: Better comfort and transportability, and easier to drive

What I think the Audezes do better: overall better sound quality.

As im looking for a daily driver i wanted something really comfortable while producing the best sound. I have tried the mmx300 gen 2 but quickly returned them as they were to bright and hurt my ears. I found myself looking for darker headphones and thats where audeze comes in.

The problem with the Audeze’s is the weight. The Aeon 2 Closed are pretty decent but I think they have some issues with the treble. For something lightweight I would look into Fostex or the EMU Teaks. The best comfort/price/quality I’ve found are the Nightowl but they are discounted.

If you are fixed into planars you might like the Drop Panda.

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Thank you very much, I was wondering if the bass and sub bass is lacking on the Aeon 2s.

The Emu Teaks look up my alley so i will look into them, are there any specific fostex’s besides argons that i should also look for.

I have to open version of the aeon 2s and I definitely wouldn’t call them lacking in bass and I don’t see any issues with the treble. I would say they’re a very well rounded pair of headphones. Slightly warm but pretty good overall resolution in the highs. I wonder if the “issue in the treble” was instead for the first gen aeons.

I’ve had the aeon 2s for a while and they get the most use from me of all my headphones. Not that they excel in this or than more than the rest of what I own but they’re more of a jack of all trades. Good versatility as they sound great for games, music, etc and they never get fatiguing. Also hands down the most comfortable pair I own.

The response is closer to a gentle v or u. Pretty neural in the mid range with a slight mid bass bump and bump in the treble.

With that being said, I also own the teaks and they were one of my favorite pairs for years. The teaks have more of a steep v so the treble can get slightly fatiguing at louder volumes.

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Thank you AECH that was what i was looking for, i still think its up in the air between the Audeze and the Aeon 2s but closer for the Aeons. Im goin to listen to sound demos hopefully until i get a good representation of what is what. Idk if you have listened to the open vs the close but do you think you can tell me the pros and cons of the two.

I haven’t heard both myself but I read in a comparison that they share a pretty darn close Frequency Response actually.

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This was what I read when I was deciding between the open and closed as it was a while ago and there was an overwhelming amount of reviews on the closed at the time and not the opens. The closed were certainly much more marketed be dca and reviewers for the portability factor.

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You might want to check out the Aeon 2 Noire’s, currently on pre-sale and slated for a release date of mid-January. Not quite sure if they re-tuned it or just replaced the ear pads, but from their description … “ÆON 2 Noire uses perforated ear pads to create a unique sonic signature with a richer bass, airier midrange, and a more lively top end than the classic ÆON 2 Closed.”


Interesting. I didn’t realize they changed the pads. I though it was literally just a different color way lol. Nice.

Based on that description it seems that it fixes the issues that comparison I posted noted about the closed vs the open. So maybe consider the noir of you go with the closed.

Wow now there are even more options to think of. Thank you! A lot of decision making to find what i should spend my money on. I guess im looking for a wow factor for some reason and its hard to decide. But yeah the Noirs now seem very appeasing. Aech you kind of sold me on the Aeons vs the Audezes just for comfort and the trade off for bass doesnt seem that bad. I was just wondering if they had the thumping feeling that you get with sub-bass. I always enjoyed that feeling when listening to music and it just seems the audeze deliver that very convincingly. I do game a lot though so im just still not convinced completely on either.

They don’t extend super super low but they do have some pretty good bass kick over all. Not the same thump as my elegia or elex have but it’s definitely there. And they perform better in gaming for me than those. I play competitive games on them exclusively because I like that they give me the detail and being able to hear the footsteps and good impact from explosions but not harsh or overwhelming. Like I said, I wouldn’t say they super excel at any one thing. But they do most things pretty well which makes them more versatile in my opinion than my others.

Put them on just now to check. Yes. Good thump still haha.

Awesome i will get aeons but now idk if i should wait to get the noirs just cus i enjoy subbass. im gonna look at the frequency responses

It’s worth waiting. But the preorder price is like 150 cheaper. I’m not sure when that is ending.

is it pre order because online it says its in stock. if so i might pull the trigger right now

I personally use EQ to reduce the 8.5kHz treble of the Aeon 2 Closed down by 3dB. Comfort wise the Audeze LCD2C is not bad. In terms of quantity the Aeon 2 Closed has more bass, but worse dynamics compared to the Audeze LCD2C. You could potentially wait for the Aeon 2 Noire to be in stock, which should have more sub bass then the standard Aeon 2 Closed.

My experience ordering directly from DCA is that they always take some time to ship headphones, like a week or two. It happened with my Ether C Flow and with my Aeon 2 Closed. I ordered the Aeon Noire a week ago and it hasn’t shipped.

I was recently faced with a similar choice.
Of the planars, I have always been attracted to the Lcd 2 c and the Aeon 2.

After a lot of research and reading, most of what I heard was that the Aeon 2 was a bit boring compared to the Lcd 2c.

And I decided in favour of the lcd 2c.
Overall, I think it’s very good, and I can’t confirm its criticised weight.
I find it just right, and the comfort is also very good.
I think it’s a stunner in terms of sound.
The mids are quite strong, and the highs are not too sharp.
The only weakness it has is when you listen to hip hop it will be too thin.
It’s not so good for that.
For Jazz,Blues,R&nb,50% of the charts,Electronic and Rock music it performs best.
Although he seems to be dark, he is really fresh and lively and gets to the heart of everything.

Compared to the Aeon 2, it needs a little more juice, so the amp should definitely be suitable in terms of power.

With the Aeon I like the Fazors option, but was unsure if it could satisfy me.
What bothered me was that if I wanted to listen to a certain type of music, I might have to change the Fazors.
That gets annoying over time if that’s the case.

As for the Emu teak, which is pretty much identical to the famous Fostex Tr x00, it has by far the best bass.
Also the options to customize it with additional Emu cups like Ebony,rosewood,Sapelle ect as well as the Lawton mod are excellent.
The possibility to customize it to your personal taste is definitely there.

However, if you tend to be stuck between Aeon and Lcd2 c, it would be better to listen to both and then decide for yourself which is your favourite.

What kind of setup do you have that hasn’t been mentioned yet :blush:.

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Thank you guys for replying, i think i am going to go for the noirs, the audezes kinda made me a little annoyed as they used to be 600 bucks but they added 200 dollars to the price for no reason. In terms of value i dont know anymore. If the audezes where the original price i feel the bang for the buck would be better but now that the aeons are cheaper (for now) it seems that the aeons are the better buy.