Aftermarket Cable Recommendation

Hi everyone, newbie here. Just looking for some cable recommendations for my Hifiman Arya. I came across this on eBay and was wondering if anyone has tried them?

Hey welcome to HFGF :smiley:
Not tried those cables tbh and not sure where you’re from?..but Hart make dope cables and brux off of here started the company, they’ll make pretty much any cable you require with love :+1:


Thanks! i’m from Australia. How’s the microphonics and flexibility of the Hart cables? I’m looking for something real flexible. Stock cable is starting to get on my nerves lol.

I’ve only got an IEM one, microphonics no problem and considering it’s for an IEM it’s pretty flexible too, i’m sure others on here with HP’s can give feed back further :+1:

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I probably own about all of the Hart cables and interconnects. I love these for their lack of weight, lack of microphonics, I love their flexibility and find the length just right.


Hart cables are nice for the price, definitely my favorite budget option. Can’t really go wrong if you just want a relatively cheap and unoffensive cable.


Haven’t tried them. I’m a fan of @CapistranoCables tho.

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