AFUL Explorer 1DD+2BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

If one wants a more balanced sound I would 100% go with PA02. One of my friends sent it across and I had no idea about PA02 then. He wanted to know how much I thought the IEM was and looking at the build quality and sound, I guessed around $250 - $300 and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they costed half of what I guessed. It’s amazing how we perceive stuff when we know nothing about them.

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Elevated bass and a smooth treble? Sounds like safe choice for metalheads.

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Oh yes!! I’ve been listening to folk metal on Explorer and it was good!! I however felt the need to EQ lower treble a little for the instruments to standout.


When an IEM don’t do these cheap tricks like forcing treble l
Peak to ensure details perception enhancement, I freaking respect that.

Sadly retailers in my country still not importing this, have to rely one a friend and he is delaying day after day.

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The lower treble and the upper mids are something I don’t expect to be good in budget IEMs. Still have a long way to go.

In general yes but you always have few exceptions where the manufacturer does put some emphasis on tuning and getting the best out of drivers inside.

Agreed. But I don’t mind eq-ing

That’s the thing: EQ doesn’t fix everything. The drivers and overall design of headphones / IEMs have their own limits on how much they can respond to EQ adjustments.

Take the HD800, for example. I love its bass, but some people complain about the quantity being less. You can’t just EQ it to turn the HD800 into a bass cannon. The dynamic driver’s excursion limits how much bass you can add, and you also need to account for the impact EQ adjustments have on other parts of the frequency response.

It’s better to have a well-tuned headphone / IEM out of the box rather than relying heavily on EQ.

Think of it like this: if you want a car that can go 200 miles per hour, buy one that’s designed to reach that speed, or at least close to it. You might be able to tweak it to gain the extra few miles per hour, but if you get a car that can only go 100 miles per hour and try to push it to 200, you risk blowing the engine.

In EQ, cutting frequencies is generally safer and more effective than boosting them.

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