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This is the official thread for the AKG K361

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Closed Back

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Z Reviews

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I can’t decide between the K361 and the K371, what do :thinking:

Oh shit, f r e s h Zeos review of the K361:

You aren’t supposed to share that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s from YouTube, I don’t follow Z on patreon, its in the description of his K371 review :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw it cuz he changed the title to the K371 review saying ‘buy K361 instead’ so I was curious and sure enough in the description was the K361 review

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Oh I saw it. Fair enough then. Carry on. haha

I mean… WTF Z! I pay you good money for early access! Why you sharin’ with the PLEBS! Ah! :grimacing: (I don’t actually care…)


I actually had a quick listen to these and the K371, and I like the K371 a bit more. They felt close enough to the same(though for a moment I thought the headband on the K361 felt a bit harder), and the 371 had a bit more bass extension.

Same, I personally prefer the 371

What do you think the differences are?

371s got a bit more bass and imo the slightly better signature but I feel like it’s more preference here as they are kinda similar


Yo M0N could you go more in depth sound wise about them, based on graphs it seems like K361 has more mids and highs and the K371 has more sub bass, but besides that how does the sound come together as a cohesive thing and such, feel free to write an essay on this I’ll be waiting xD

I won’t do a write up lol. All I will say is that detail, imaging, and soundstage is good and not stand out or anything, but the real secret sauce is the FR on the 371 for me. I don’t think it’s neutral, but the fr does a great job of emphasizing error for music production and gives an accurate sense for how something will sound imo. It works well for monitoring, tracking, and up to mixing in my mind which is very impressive to me for the price

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I see :thinking:

20 ch

I prefer the K371. The K361 have a terrible peak of about 10db boost from 8 to 9.5 khz, instead of being even like the K371. 8 khz is a region where sibilance exists and can become extremely noticeable. Also, I have noticed on the few graphs I’ve seen that driver matching looks like an issue on both K371 and K361, though my K371 don’t have that problem, luckily.


Yeah glad both of my pairs don’t have this issue (at least to my ears, although I am typically sensitive to these things)

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Interesting, cuz Zeos says the K361 is much better :thinking:

M0N, what is your take on the reviews on the K371 so far? It seems that nobody is in agreement and that these cans are a bit divisive.

I’m curious if this is due to a batch having production/manufacturing defects, or if that certain sound signature is just hard for some to wrap their heads around?

Yeah … That doesn’t seem like something I would like

If the peak was only like 4 db or so, they would sound great IMO. That 10 db peak makes that range of treble overpowering.

I am not worried about the 9k peak, rather worried about the other one at 13-14k

Almost every headphone has a 9-10k peak some more some less but pretty much all have it

I mean I don’t really check formal reviews all that often so I went in blind with the 371 and 361 tbh. For the reviews I feel like people are going too much at them with a consumer listening perspective, when they are really more for studio (of course you can use studio for listening and vice versa, but I feel like the signature is throwing people for a loop because it’s revealing strange things about their music)