AKG K371 vs Sony MDR 1AM2

So the Sony’s really intrigue me they look really pretty and really comfy and well built and I can get them for the same price as the K371’s, also since they are new there isn’t much info about them.

So which one should I get :thinking:

Also I would really appreciate if someone that owns the Sony’s chimes in.

They are pretty comfy. I have actually recently heard a coworkers 1am2 and it’s solid. It’s got a more fun sony signature that’s pretty enjoyable, worthwhile if you enjoy something warmer and enjoyable. I can’t think of someone off the top of my head who owns them on here, but I know a few other people have heard it (I’m sure someone owns one tho).

The k371 is more studio tuned (makes sense as the goal of that headphone is for studio), and the 1am2 is more warm and thick sounding, and also smoothed over so nothing is really ever that harsh, while the akg can get harsh depending on the tracks. I think they are similar in detail, but the sonys might be wider from memory, and both had about similar imaging. Both had pretty nice comfort so that was a wash for me

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God M0N what will the world do without you, god bless

Damn the Sony’s are that good then, damn!

It’s not like their stuff you see in best buy or an electronics store, they are pretty nice, also come with a balanced cable. I would take the akg for studio and the sony for fun. Since the sony comes with a balanced 4.4, you could get an ifi zen dac, and since the sony sips power, that would be a very warm and enjoyable combo imo

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I like fun :slight_smile:

Could you tell me more about the sound I’m really curious now !

About the ifi or the sony?

The Sony’s, but is the ifi zen dac good, oh its an amp as well ! and its at a really good price !

The sonys are warmer, slight v but not much, thick bass with pretty good extension, and very nice mids, fun with detail. They can get a bit harsh if you really crank them so do take that in mind.

The ifi is a warmer dac, with good space and a more smooth sound. The amp portion isn’t the best for higher end or harder to drive headphones, but is more than plenty for the sonys

Ye the ifi zen actually doesnt seem that good maybe if it was 100 bucks, I’d rather put a bit more money and get a Schiit stack, also the Sony’s dont need an amp so yeah

By warmer and thick I hope you dont mean that they get muddy also how is the bass extension does it reach into the depths like the K371’s ?

I think the zen dac is a much better dac for the price than an amp. The sony doesn’t get that muddy to me, you can have something warmer and not muddy. It does reach down, but I think the k371 might go a bit lower (but they are most likely close, I can’t directly compare the two atm)

I see thank for info based M0N :pray: :smiley:

Imma go watch some vids on them and research them a bit, but rn I’m leaning towards the Sony’s over the K371

Never heard of these sonys but just reading through this thread I googled them. There’s just something about the looks of it that makes me want it. And then I saw 3Hz to 100kHz, now I’m really curious.

They actually dig pretty deep (now that I think about it perhaps deeper than the 371) but I can’t validate the over 25k claim lol

Yeah I have my doubts there too

3hz to 100khz is just marketing BS dont pay attention to such things, even if they did that it wouldn’t matter

Also I was thinking of getting both the K371’s and the 1AM2’s and compare them then send back the one I like less :thinking:

Edit: so I EQ’d my headphones to sound like the K371 and the K361 , and I gotta say the subbass boost on the K371 gives me nausea, like I feel sick cuz of it.

The K361 sound I enjoy, the forward mids are nice and not having that subbass boost is also good

Idk how the 1AM2 measure so I can’t replicate that, but I think I am not gonna get the K371, rather get the K361 and the 1AM2 and see which one I like more

go for it, good idea

Can we get an official thread for the 1AM2 tho ?

what headphone did u end up buying?

I didn’t buy any yet, I gotta get payed first lol, but I am worried of the 1AM2 now I’ve seen some pics and they seem small idk if they would be big enough for my head

Also ty M0N :slight_smile:

Edit: So I’ve found this FR graph for the 1AM2, seems to be the only one around


Well god damn that bass boost, Idk if I really want that tbh