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This is the official thread for the AKG K712. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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The one that started it all for me.


I picked up a set of these in a trade for a pair of HD 600. I’ve never heard such insane detail, and soundstage. Going to have a hard time trading or selling these guys.


I have bought and sold this headphone three times. Its one of those headphones that i always seem to miss. The K7xx, although very similiar, has that cheaper quality of china that doesn’t cut it for me. I wish it came with a balanced connection. The wide sound stage, nice bass and comfort makes this a winner for me.

Looking at these as my first higher end Headphones. I know they require an amp and i’ve got that covered. Just wondering if they can be a good first entry to this world. I come from crappy normal headphones. Thanks for any help!

I have wondered about that. I have the 7XX and they squeak, so much so, that I don’t listen to them at all. Should I sell and buy the K712? I like the sound, especially with Sonarworks.

I like them, but I wouldn’t recommend them as anyone’s first for just music listening. I’d go with a safe choice like the HD 58X or 6XX. But the K712 is a better choice in terms of comfort and gaming. So it all depends.

Thanks for the advice! I’m in Europe so massdrop stuff isn’t really the best of choices. If it where i would probably go with 58x. I can get the 712pro for 200€. A HD600 runs at least 320€. Mostly for music but i will also game with them, non competitive environment.

200 euros is a very good price for the k712 considering the USA price is $305. If your not treble sensitive, I’d go for it.

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Maybe look at HD58Xs on eBay, that’s where I got mine. :slight_smile: (yes, for the normal price).
(Obviously: new/unopened/100% trusted seller/hundreds of customers… otherwise, that’s asking for trouble, heh).