All-inclusive monoblock setup around $500? Interesting

I present to you, an all-inclusive (speakers, sub, wires/cables, amps, dac) monoblock setup around $500.

Bullshit or not?:

Monoblock Dayton Audio Setup - PCPartPicker

I’m confident it’s not bullshit - if you order all that stuff, you’ll get what you ordered. I’m also confident it will sound like crap.


Thats harsh. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What do i know, bought a amazon basic amp.

Well, anything’s possible. But as they say, if it looks too good to be true, it is.

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Still not sure about those FMOD resistors.

They’re legit electrically speaking - they do as they advertise. No idea if/how sound quality is effected.

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@Flaculence @A_Jedi I’ve read reviews that state they very minorly affect sound (mostly volume), they can’t possibly be that complicated, it’s a passive in-line crossover with no cabling

Ok think ill pick up a set. Read somewhere it lowers the ohms ?

Don’t take my research entirely as reason (I’m not lying, although i did do adhd research) and do your own, although they’re like <$30 and can make a world of diff If they work well, so yolo. Probably still wayyyy better than 17hz on bookshelves. I’m not sure about the ohm lowering, although would that actually be a problem on rca?? I’d think (in my super uneducated opinion) that coax would be the one to actually suffer because it has an exact 75ohm standard.

not certain if it was ohm something or other, reduced signal voltage ? Dunno but mentioned active crossover was the only way to go. This route would be akin to adding a resistor in the speaker box ?

Anyway if you guys say its an option 28 bucks is worth a shot.

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Would rather have these and a cheap Dac


I went with the T5Vs they sound glorious.


This is an experimental setup idea, it’s not supposed to be practical, just cool lol

That FMOD crossover does it effect the subout on the amp ?

It affects whatever you plug it into.

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Would i just have to turn up the gain on the sub to get back the low frequency ?

Think i got effect wrong. Person place or thing.

Gain will not bring back the low frequencies you’ve filtered out.

So these filter and not attenuate the high/low frequency.

they sell high/low/band pass filters, beyond that I have no knowledge. it’s the most dirt on earth simple way of passively filtering out frequencies you can get (to my small amount of knowledge). They absolutely work, and definitely slightly lower volume (gain will fix the volume easily), but probably aren’t the best thing out there. stooopid simple though, once you figure out what means what.

Correct. They are crossovers.

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