All rounder IEM $300-$500

Hi guys, I’ve been slowly experimenting with getting into IEMs. But I sort of just want a jack of all trades IEM that I can have for daily use. It’s going to be mainly at my desktop for longer sessions. I have tried the Blessing 2 Dusk stock and I wish I got different ear tips for it because I think I would have enjoyed it more. I liked the sound but I sold them because I was never using them. I have the KZ ZS10 Pro right now and they are p alright, I know I don’t like the v shaped sound signature and I wish I had more mids to it. I listen to a bit of everything honestly. Math rock, hardcore, lo-fi indie, jpop, hip hop, pop punk, game OSTs, etc. So I am looking for just something that can do a bit of everything with maybe a small bass boost. I am down to spending up to $500 but I don’t mind spending less if there is a really good option that does this. I’ve looked at everything and I’m just not sure on what to pick because each option seems p good. Variations, SA6, getting the Blessing 2 Dusk again, Oracle, etc.

Thank you!

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Maybe Dunu EST112.

As an owner of the Variations, I would not consider it a good “all-rounder” if that’s what you’re looking for. The mid-bass shelf and sub-bass boost are very noticeable, especially for some of the former genres you listed like math-rock and hardcore.

I do not own either the SA6 or the Oracle, but this thread might be helpful to you:

I’d agree with this, I have both Variations and Dusk and while the Variations sub-bass is fantastic and it is great for some music, it’s very definitely a tuning that can sound off on other stuff, and I think it’s the size of the drop and the recessed mid-bass/lower mids. The Dusk is more the all rounder, IMO, and an overall better tuning. If you actually liked the sound on that, I doubt you’ll get better in that price range. I use Azla Xelastec on it, it was initially uncomfortable for me, even painful, but at this point it’s extremely comfortable and snug fitting. SpinFit CP155 are also I think a good fit, I didn’t try these on the Dusk but did on the Variations and they were a good fit but I ended up using Xelastec there as well.

I own the Variations as well. Explained in Nymz thread why it is different from most other IEMs with a bass boost:

I can also agree with what has been said before me. The Variations is an exceptional Set and my Favorite IEM of them all, but it is not an all-rounder, at least not to everyone.

I own both the ThieAudio Oracle and SeeAudio Bravery as part of my „Holy Trinity“ in Audio and they complement each other very well.

Especially the Oracle is a masterclass in Frequency Response. One of the best tonal balances in a Headphone out there. That set truly is an Allrounder and makes every genre just work.


Yeah, the Oracle seems like it might be great suggestion. I’m deciding between that, the Dunu EST 112s, or the Dunu SA6. I think Oracle might be the path to go honestly. I think metal and idol/bubbly jpop are the two biggest things I would want the IEM to preform best in. So maybe I can go for something else but I’m not too sure.

The EST 112s seem like a good option as it was recommended earlier. What is the big flaw in that one?

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Dunu SA6 is fantastic with rock genres, it shi es with guitars and drums. Bass is v.good for BA bass, almost DD quality.

They are so non fatiguing set for long sessions.

I’ve heard Oracle, Variations, used to own Blessing2 OG and Dusk.
I would take SA6 any day above all above, Oracle would be second. Some might prefer Oracle due to DD bass. SA6 wins in my books. Variations are Dusk on steroids, one of the best bass I’ve heard in iems, but the set is too much in-ur-face type, I couldn’t use it for more than 30 minutes, too fatiguing.


The SA6 is honestly one of the ones I keep thinking of. That and the EST 112 by them are the two I keep turning to. Mostly because the EST 112 seems really amazing and like an all rounder as well. I think it’s just between those 2 at this point. I know either way I’m going to have a good IEM, but what does the SA6 excel in that the EST doesnt and vice versa. The only two things I care about are more high pitched female vocals and the bass in metal songs. Does the SA6 handle metal/bassier stuff well even though it doesn’t have a DD?

I don’t feel any bass is missing, SA6 uses Sonion vented BAs, they handle it well. It’s the best bass in fullBA I’ve heard.

As mentioned before they are great with rock genres including metal.

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There is one SA6 on Head-fi in Europe for 375 EUR, that may be worth pulling a trigger at (I really hope someone does before I get drunk and buy it myself)…

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Get it, you won’t regret

The mids on the Dusk is too thin for me personally, and treble is a little hot so I can’t listen at higher volumes.

SA6 has really great tuning, but you can get the same experience with the Tanchjim Oxygen ($275) at half the price.

This isn’t my chart, but it might help since he has a similar library as yours.!5700&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&authkey=!AE0HY11vdcS-yLM.

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Are you sure? :grimacing:

EJ07m, which you are targeting, has no such problems - very dense mids , great texture of guitars,slam like DD, great dynamics-amplitude between the highest and lowest point of the tone, not just bass dynamics , exclusive drum section with a separate tone for each drum! It will be difficult for BA to achieve this, but everyone decides for themselves. :upside_down_face:


Hey you might wanna wait and get the Olina instead since it’s the Oxygen (identical tuning using the same dynamic driver) but at $100 :sweat_smile: Was just announced today by bad guy good audio reviews. Check out his channel for the review!