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Congrats @Raptor168 Enjoy!

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Where did you purchase it from? I’d like to have a copy of that set too.

I ordered it through Amazon, but it was actually sold and came from here.


It took about 3 weeks to arrive. Not too bad. It arrived in pristine condition.

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Hello classical, brothers.

I’d like to broaden my horizons in terms of music, classical is something I’ve never gave a chance, but I know that I’ve caught my self enjoying the odd movie score here and there and I know there are times where classic and movie scores can sound very similar so I want to give proper classical a chance.

Can anyone recommend a few albums for me to try out? I would really appreciate it and love to contribute to this form of music. Thanks in advance!

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I got you bro: Spotify

Legend. Thank you, brother :handshake:

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I’m enjoying this playlist of classical covers of these more modern tunes.

Always good to see someone stretch their listening horizons. I try to do the same. I can send a few links, too. I have access to YT Music, Spotify, and AMHD. Do you have a preference?

Thanks brother! I use Apple Music as a streaming service but I also have Spotify so you can send them there if you’d like - I really appreciate that - thank you!

Will do. I will also include a great video of my favorite, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 2 with Yuja Wang, tho for sound quality I like the version with Valentina Lisitsa and London. Sometimes having a visual helps us to appreciate the amazing skills these musicians have developed.

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@domq422 some shorter things first, some from films.

Beethovens 5th Symhony is the standard, but I like this well recorded version
of his 3rd. Spotify
Olympic Fanfare
And the YT video… Yuja Wang - Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor Op.18 - YouTube
I would encourage you to ck composers from different time periods as well.
Vivaldi and Mozart are very different from Beethoven and Bartok, for example.
Enjoy the huge variety of tone colors, beauty and moods of this genre.
Have fun!

What an absolute legend.

Thank you!

I’ll be taking a listen to these over the next few days when I can sneak away from the wife and fam - thank you so much :pray:

@domq422 You’re very welcome. Fun to share a few favorites!

Finally a day’s notice. Frankfurt Symphony live…Tomorrow Fri at noon CST.
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Live: Vassilis Christopoulos with Barry, Prokofjew, Horner & Bernstein - YouTube

Sorry… on Thursday…ie now.