All Things Classical

After a fun and challenging day doing a maintenance op on the main system in the living room, I am at last relaxing post-meal with a glass of Tawny Port and this.

Great album. I have this in my local collection, but I am streaming to test the performance of a new Internet router I installed today. It’s fantastic. There seems to be more depth and clarity overall in the presentation. Well worth the effort. :+1:t2:


Sneaking one in before I call it a night. This a great piece. Beautifully played.


I found myself waiting around this Sunday afternoon.
So I typed “Benjamin Zander” into YouTube and watched this:

You might remember the name; I mentioned his work on Beethoven’s 7th (and 5th)…
Never heard the man speak a word prior to today.

Is it a coincidence I connected with his presentation as emphatically as I connect to his musical performances? The man is brimming with passion.

This changes how I think about Conductors.

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/rant @Raptor168 !@#)(*!!! using deceptive images of the music rather than embedded links to examples on YouTube or other popular music services. LoL! you bugger you!

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Just listened to this and it’s beautiful.