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  • Type: OVER EAR
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Will do! My bad.


Orange Stone
Cyan Ocean
Anodized Black


Arctic White
Gunmetal Grey

Dry sandblasted

Aluminum Silver


Solid Ash

These are the full-resolution photos that are otherwise unpublished.

I already published this to Head-Fi, but Mr. Aumkar answered some questions I asked him, and I thought I’d share it with everyone. Should clear some things up.

What difference can people expect from Kaldas Research and Altiat? That is, what’s the difference between these two companies?

Altiat will be focused on more of the consumer oriented markets in all sectors. Kaldas will only be for the specialty markets and more focused towards R&D.

I assume this would be a question that is more relevant to your business partners than your consumer partners, but how can your business partners differentiate Kaldas Research services from Altiat services? I am referring to your contract services.

All Kaldas contracts are private, government and to a small extent Military based (Airforce). Altiat is for consumer and semi-professional markets. We want to help budding Manufacturers with Altiat.

How is CAL.1H different from what we have already seen on the market?

The CAL.1H is based on a platform which will spawn off multiple other versions. Our intention with the CAL.1H is long term production and we believe this platform can continue to be relevant and sell for the coming decades due it’s it’s simplicity in function and extremely robust build quality and reliability.

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I found this so fascinating that I wanted to share it with everyone.

While I didn’t personally ask Mr. Aumkar to confirm this, but someone from Head-Fi said that the wood version weighs only 250g. How nuts is that if it’s true?!

Meanwhile, the aluminum version weighs 400g. Personally, I will opt for the aluminum version purely because of its appearance.

I think that the wooden version has a lot of potential if people can choose from different woods. It would also be interesting if each wood could be topped off with some sort of a finish or wood treatment.

Also, I want to make it very clear that I am not affiliated with Kaldas Research or Altiat in any sort of way.

I am jut very passionate about these two companies, and I greatly respect what Aumkar Chandan has done. He is a rarity and a gem in this industry, and what’s more fascinating is the age that he accomplished that at.

Just wanted to clear it up, because I don’t want it to appear as though I’m doing some sort of marketing or promotion.

'am just a guy who is fascinated with this pair of headphones =)

Here’s a short interview with the director.

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This was (for me) a very compelling (non) sales pitch.

To paraphrase: we are not doing anything special or different with this headphone, it is a good honest headphone at a sensible price.

I liked his “no bullshit” approach, and I actually went to their website to see how much they were ($400 IIRC). They are purportedly tuned to harman, so it would be quite interesting to see how they measure.


If interested to know about Aumkar, give my Kaldas Research RR1 review a read:

Aumkar is a very genuine and honest person. Amazing how young he is, yet how much he has accomplished.

I’m rather interested in these, from what I’ve read from owners, they are very well built but also are like a super more refined hd600 series. I really enjoyed the Sennheiser house sound even though it was alittle subtle or veiled at some times as some would say. So if these are just a better, wider and more robust 600 I think these might be my next purchase.

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I have the HD6XX from Sennheiser, and I should also be getting the CAL.1H, so I might be able to share how the two compare.

These are well built, no question about that. The cable might be worth upgrading tho. Personally, I either love a high quality rubber cable (e.g. Sennheiser HD598, Kaldas Research RR1 cables) or braided rubber cables.

I just posted to Head-Fi:

If you are in no rush, I think it might be worth it to wait for the Advanced Materials program. That is, if you are willing to spend more money on special materials (it’s not only about the finish of these materials, but also about the weight difference and sound difference if there is one).

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I read it but I’m not quite sure if I understat exactly what the advanced materials program is. Is it literally what it sounds like? Like carbon fibre or stainless steel? Better cables? Not much information is given. Also the Miami vice is already sold out and it’s not even released yet haha. That sounds promising.

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I can’t give too much away, but yes, it will include special materials (as far as I am aware, it will be the housing’s material). No word about cables or any other changes.
Expect exotic and uncommon materials.

In terms of Miami Vice being sold out, I’m pretty sure it’s an error. I’m assuming it will be a limited run that will be open to be purchased once it is officially released and available to be purchased.

Alright, I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently. I hate that! Haha!

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I just read the ohms on this. It’s nice to see that it’s only 28, shouldn’t be too hard to drive. But I’m wondering how they would pair with a tube. Was kinda hoping they’d be alittle higher on the ohms to be if it from a tube amp, but it seems solid state is the way to go for these.

Have you received your pair yet? Just curious.

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Still waiting. I could’ve received it months ago, but decided to be a little bit more patient with choosing the finish. Long story short, Aumkar, as he should, put the priority on delivering the units to customers, so I guess I should be receiving mine in a month or so.

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Aight no worries. Just excited to hear your thoughts once you receive your unit.

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