Am I crazy? Is the sound IM hearing real?

ambiguous title aside, I wanted to ask If anyone here had access to a clean copy of Veteran of the psychic wars by blue oyster cult as when testing out me new pair of cans I notice a electric fuzz type hum in the pre 20 time spot that I also double check and was also present during a second listen with my other set of cans. In case that it matters tee two sets of headphones I was using are HE 400i and t60rp Argons.

I don’t hear that I do hear some strings but this is my first play of this album

so I changed my set up a bit and I think sound is potentially equipment issue I don’t have a good way to know for sure but the sound is barley noticeable so I may just leave it at that.

What amp are you using?

Kind of off topic but how do the t60 argons sound? Can you compare them to t60 argons?

So I am running a optical cable into my SMSL SD 793II, to power my t60rp Argons I ran a set of RCA from the line out into a JDS atom. I was doing some comparison between my HE 400i and argons at the time I had both sets of cans hooked up at the same time the 400i running off the SMSL and argons off the JDS.

So it was happening off of both amps? And the hum is consistently there?

yes, but I have since unhooked the atom amp and it seems to be less noticeable then it was before.

I think you might have a ground loop with your equipment then

I can only hear the hum during the first 25 sec or so of the song so I though maybe it was part of the song and I just never noticed before,

Hmmmmm, lemme check real quick

I just got them in today and have not given them a good long hard listen to yet. I’m waiting for a few more pieces of equipment for that. But from what I have listed to far id describe the difference like this. Imagine a full beer, and also imagine a nice wine. the 400i are like a wine but the Argons are like a wine that’s also a full beer.

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Do you have a different analogy for a non drinker lol?

I don’t drink either, for whatever reason that was the analogy that popped into my head. my hearing is a bit foggy too so I may never be able to fully grasp a good comparison to describe.

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What are you listening to the track off of? A file? Youtube? Spotify? I don’t hear it on mine

I ripped the entire album off the CD and saved all the songs in the FLAC format and I play them with an app called music Bee

I can’t drink legally lol, and I don’t care alchohol for anyways, but I do sort of get the analogy.

I just don’t drink at all (even though I can). Just a personal preference. An I still don’t get it lol

Well I’ve always thought wine is more refined and beer is more of a casual just enjoyment drink? Maybe idk.

Kind of, but I feel like I’m not one to explain the differences lol. Pretty different except they’re both alcohol