Amazon and counterfeits

This has been my own experience and not a representation of the company as a whole. I use them heavily and have never had an issue with customer service.

Unfortunately something came up and i had to cancel my trip to CanJam. The cash that was refunded “luckily Expedia has insurance to buy” was used to put in an order for a pair of ModHouse Argon MkIII’s with ZMF Protein Pads, Alcantara and the Balanced Mod.

I picked up an iFi Micro iDSD Black Label that i planned on pairing with a set of ZMF Aeolus after i returned from CanJam. So i thought this should be enough power for the Argons as well.

I previously owned a set of HD660s that i adored but they were purchased on amazon through a third party seller as a new in open box item. They had obviously been used and refurbished so i returned them. While waiting for CanJam and subsequently having to cancel i wanted a brand new pair of HD660s for my collection. As i was checking the listings amazon themselves had 1 set of used for 351$ pre-tax. So i jumped on them.

TLDR; Amazon directly sent me counterfeit HD660s’s

This is what came in…

New HD 600 style with HD 660s badge…

Might just be me, but I don’t see the problem?

There should be a serial number somewhere, I’d say you send Sennheiser an Email.

This is pulled directly from Amazons listing of a new HD660s pair.

Areas to note
The color is a deep grey
The cup arms are not rounded, they have the design of the new HD 600 remodel
Driver grill was bent and does not have the exact design
There are R and L indicators on the inside of the headband
The sound is not a pair of HD 660s

This is a set of HD 660s

These are both Revision 2’s

New HD 600’s

Old HD 600’s

Looks ok to me?..hang on yours doesn’t have the 3 holes on the yokes.

Gander a bit more detailed at the headphones in my hand and then at the variations of the HD660s with either revision, Also how the new HD600 Model differs from the older HD600 model.

These counterfeits are using the new HD600 model with a HD660s Badge.

Right where they should be:

Look at the arms they are attached to. They look like new HD600’s not smooth like all the previous other models.

I honestly don’t see anything wrong.

To repeat myself:

Either on the bx or under the headband cushion.

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They were sold directly from as a used like new. They only came inside the black inner box.
There is no need for me to even look for a serial number for the fact they are blatantly counterfeit and i already sent them back yesterday… Look at your pictures again. Look at the ARMS holding the cup to the top frame. Do they look rounded like every other HD6 series headphone or do they look like the frame from a NEW version HD600. Note there is a huge difference in the design of the new model of HD 600’s

Here’s the new? 600’s…

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Yup this is the refresh. As you can see on the pair i was sent i have the body of the new HD600 but there is a clear HD660s badge on them. Since i did buy HD660s in the listing… Fun stuff. Just something i wanted to show the community. Counterfeits and such still get passed quality control so just keep an eye out and know what you are buying.

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I don’t really think that is enough to say it’s definitely a counterfeit, IMO. Companies re purpose and re-use molds across a product line to save money often…
And marketing photos are never a good source to compare to… as they could have been taken from a pre-production model or possibly even just be 3D renders (Yes, they can in fact make them look perfectly photo realistic).
I’m not trying to be dismissive, just only cautious to jump to conclusions. If it’s something that bothered you, it was the right choice to return it either way, I believe.

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Hmm. Your pair does look a bit odd to me though. It’s like a Frankenstein of the new HD600 + HD660? The grilles are from the hd660 but the headband and yokes are hd600? Tbh I’m confused. Maybe it was a manufacturing mistake?


It’s probably either one of 2 things, right?

  • Customer bought… stole/swapped headband… and potentially the driver or other parts… for his headphone and returned the item… Most likely Amazon would miss such a thing.
  • Or Sennheiser has more than one factory manufacturing the 660s or streamlining their process to re-use the same molds for certain parts to save money.

Only way to really confirm would be to buy a new pair and compare directly… and/or to ask sennheiser themselves.

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This is almost exactly 100% what happened. Since i did buy them directly from amazon as they were the seller and sender. The listing clearly said used / like new.

I have had real HD660s in my hands and these were not it.

I have been in contact with amazon since yesterday and it has been taken care of just waiting for them to arrive at their facility. I wanted to bring this up due to this is exactly the reason i do not like buying used anything. I feel that i would rather be the one to %&%$ up or put that first use on an item. Guess this is what happens when you try and save some money since many think the HD660s is not worth the 500$ and i would be better off with a HD600.

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The new HD600s (just got a pair in) have a refreshed design where the yokes are sharper and less rounded, are solid grey instead of speckled, still maintain the 4 cushions on the headband, the grilles do not come with the sennheiser logo.

The HD660s have rounded yokes, are matte black, and have the 2 portion cushion on the headband, grilles come with sennheiser logo.

The pair that TS received seems like a mix of the two - sharp yokes, solid grey (from the new HD600s), but 2 cushions on headband & with sennheiser logo (from the HD660s)

I guess if it was used / like new then this would likely be the case


I wonder what *drivers you got though, no guarantee it’s a HD660s then. Lol maybe it was a HD650 even

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It felt like something i would find at a market in China that sells discounted items.

From the look of them… they look like the right driver… but hard to say.

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The moment i put them into the iFi Micro BL they sounded like a pair of gaming headphones you would get from Walmart.