Amazon Music HD anyone?

Figured this new deserved a thread. Amazon upgraded their music service to now offer 24 bit lossless music, up to 192khz! They are also offering 90 days free trial so its definitely worth a look.

Strangely, I can only get the service to work on my desktop. Using LGV30, the music sounds completely choppy and unplayable, which is extremely disappointing :confused: However, it works great on my desktop setup. Ultra HD seems to need a lot more ampage than spotify counterpart…Like I had to turn the volume knob way up on my liquid spark to achieve similar volume. This made it harder to compare, but it definitely sounds good…

My DAC is capable of 24 bit/96khz but there are some tracks that go up to 192khz. Even regular non ultra HD tracks still play CD quality though, at 16 bit 44.1
One weird thing is that in order to ensure the highest quality streaming (and downloading) make sure to go into the advanced settings and set streaming quality from best available to HD/ULTRAHD only. Strangely downloads is set to standard quality, so before downloading make sure to switch that too.

Overall I am very happy with the service on my desktop. If they can work out the glitches on the mobile (at least for me) Music HD could be a big deal for lossless audio streaming. Thoughts?


Here you go bud :+1:

Dumped my Tidal subscription for this a couple of weeks ago, well happy plus i’m saving £200 a year :champagne:

Edit…works fine on my iPhone and Sonos av system too :+1:

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A quick tip regarding volume, uncheck the Loudness Normalisation box in the advanced settings, this will give some tracks more :muscle::+1:


Ensure you are on 5ghz bandwidth and that you have a decent router. I havent had much trouble on my LG V30. However, I download most of the tracks I listen to frequently directly to my phone. Don’t forget to change your settings to Best quality.

I really enjoy the Amazon HD. The difficulty is convincing my wife to switch from Spotify.

Not an issue with lack of ampage, I like to keep songs set at the same volume. Just interesting that it requires a big increase on the knob to get the same volume as spotify.

I have enjoyed the Amazon music HD service using OnePlus 6 phone, and Pioneer XDP300r. I have been unsuccessful installing to the Fiio M11 DAP. It installs from the playstore but has issues after that. I believe Fiio is aware of the issue as is Amazon. We are in the finger pointing stage. At least this was the case at the end of last month. Please let me know if anyone has found a solution or workaround.


Tidal did that to me when I tried it. It threw me off and I was like why does everything sound… wrong and… flat. Is my P1 broken??? But no, browsing through settings I found the option and was pissed, I don’t think something like that should be default. Fortunately I found the option in Amazon Music HD before I even started listening otherwise I might have thought my Blon 03 was busted >_> and been fooled again.

Speaking of Amazon Music HD, its app needs work and thumbnails for artists don’t always show or remain blank. No complaint about the music though, and for being cheaper I can forgive small bugs in the user experience. No idea how another service could really top the offering here.


Have you tried Qobuz? I find it better that Tidal. More music in Hi-Res than just hip-hop.


Only 10 bucks a month eh? How large is their catalog?

The 10 dollar plan is for mp3 quility, 20 for CD quility and 24 for all of the high res audio.
You can try the service for free for 30 days. link below.

Also I have the Amazon Music Ultra and it sounds good, but when using my external DAC it always shows 44 kh. Amazon need to add an option to select Directsound or wasapi.

I’m giving Amazon HD a try after a lengthy Tidal “trial”. So far its been good (PC version). I am surprised that I was able to recreate a playlist manually pretty much frustration free. I like the interface and I didn’t have problems matching exact tracks, especially classical tracks with multiple arrangements/versions/year/symphony/conductor etc. I also appreciate that it tells you what your system supports and what the track is.

I was going to try Quobuz after Tidal, but Amazon’s promo emails.


I have been really enjoying Amazon HD. Good catalog, nice quantity of HD music, good proce for Prime members.

The Windows app itself still seems a little “beta.” But I can overlook some of the issues.


Yep x2 :+1: all good for me on a MacOS stuff :grinning:

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My only issue is that it isn’t automatically finding the album art in my music collection, so the “album view” of my personal library is showing a bunch of identical, generic silouettes. I could go back and manually find each one, but with the size of my library that’s a serious investment of my scarce time.

I have a feeling that will get solved, though.

A little late to the party, but I started using it the day it was released and my V30 works swimmingly with it. One thing I hate on desktop is it randomly loads 3-5 minutes after I start up my pc. Really annoying.

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I just got this thanks to this thread, didnt know it existed. I have Tidal and recently i tried to listen to the first 3 Depeche Mode albums. They didnt have it. I went to amazon and they did. Sucks. So if amazon is offering CD quality music im all for it. thing is APO doesnt seem to work for it like it does Tidal. Does anyone know of a EQ for Amazon Music?

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The Amazon HD Music app seems to be in very early stages, and doesn’t have a lot of features that other players have. I have hopes for it over time.

I use a system wide EQ. They can be work to set up, but is a good solution.

Amazon HD added external DAC support with Exclusive Mode via update

Oh wow nice! i know a lot of people where complaining about that. Good to know Amazon is on the ball

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