Amazon Music HD Settings?

I just subscribed to Amazon Music HD and was expecting this type of interface but am greeted with this:

The only options available are so bland and have nothing to do with quality…
Where is the HD content? How can I see the bitrate etc?
No “ULTRA HD” badge on any content.
Any help is appreciated

Can you download the app ,I’ve been using it since release and its super easy, almost every song is hd

You are not on the HD music, it will have a yellow HD logo behind the Amazon music logo at the top.

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notice the HD logo at the top

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As @epic225 said you’re not on the Amazon HD home page it should list replay quality below each album,

I believe you must download the Amazon Music desktop app in order to play HD music.

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I cant hear the difference between HD and not HD. So its a win, guess?

Not if you’re paying for HD/Ultra HD :joy:

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But it will eat at me that im missing something aside from eight MCdollar$ a month. Apple fanboy :raising_hand_man: so gonna keep HD to compare with itunes lossless for a month or two. AmazonHD is not supported on appletv which is a downer.

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It’s more about their libraries for me tbh…had TIDAL for a while then switched to Amazon about 18 months ago just because it had more stuff I listen/search for and have had no complaints so far…my source hardware and transducer choices have had a bigger impact on my music enjoyment than my music streaming service decisions :man_shrugging: lol.


Access to the library is worth it alone. So ive givin into streaming yet the habit of scavanging for tracks using amazonHD but only really listening through songs with my download stuff.

Suppose the tick comes from hometheater, bluray is the only “reference” material. Which it is unless you have one of those zappiti boxes.

amazon adjusted the price after the Apple Music announcement, so its the same price for HD that it is for normal music if you have an amazon prime account.

and certain songs you can notice a difference

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so apparently i had the student version since i have student prime… i can’t get HD lol

WTF…really what’s that?

Amazon HD has a really nice library, I am rarely not able to find what “I am” looking for anyway. I think only Spotify has more. There are many times with QoBuz that I can’t find the artist at all, and often when I do they do not have the full collection, maybe 4 albums out 9 type of thing (just picked random numbers for conversation) and I have to pop over to Amazon or Spotify or, buy it and save locally - but again, often if I am not able to find what I am looking for on Qobuz or HD tracks I still rely on Amazon HD / Spotify to stream it. Yes, I know I can hunt down the actual CD and rip it to FLAC myself and I will do that but, I’ve become lazier with age and find it much more convenient to stream when I can. This is why I still keep a paid subscription with AmazonHD and Spotify along with Qobuz.

Absolutely agree, at least that is what I’ve found for myself as well. With the signal chains I have available, even the weakest can reproduce Spotify’s 320 to an enjoyable listening session.

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i get a discount on prime for being a student. but that also apparently means i can’t get HD. only unlimited. which makes no sense since they are apparently merged!

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So I am trying out Amazon HD and does anyone find the exclusive mode a bit funky?

When I stream from Qobuz, my sample rate switches automatically depending on the album. On Amazon HD, it does list what the bitrate of an album, but it only steams what I have set my Windows audio settings to. I usually leave my Windows audio setting at 24/48. I am using a Modi 3+ via toslink and unfortunately, I get audio issues when set it to 24/192.

Anyone else encounter this by chance?

Yes - it is funky. It gives exclusive access to the audio stream and blocking other apps and sounds but, it is not by passing Windows audio… It’s in effect, wasapi in shared mode and not fully exclusive bit perfect like qobuz, tidal, or even foobar2000. It processes sound as you noted, with whatever you have windows configured to.

That’s one of the faults I find with Amazon HD, that and the fact that there are a limited number of commercial streamers outside of Amazon devices that it will stream to.

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Thanks, @Delta9K! I assumed as much. Looks like after from fiddling around, I was able to fix my 24/192 issue. Glad to know it just wasn’t just me.

So far, the streaming quality is quite good and cheaper than anything in the market if you have a Prime membership.

It would be cool if they do eventually add a real exclusive mode!

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Good to hear you worked out the sample rate.

Yes, what ever they are doing it does sound pretty darn good - better than Spotify IMO.

Every time the pop up comes up asking me to rate the product, I always mention that bit perfect exclusive mode and that maybe if they had that I would not need Qobuz, lol

If you google AmazonHD exclusive mode you will see you are not alone - there’s even some place you can go to let amazon know you are pissed about it - I’m not bothered enough to do that but… And from what I’ve seen they dance around it in the terms and conditions.

Anyway it looks like you are able to enjoy your music a little more now - and that’s what really matters!

Cheers :beers: