Andrew Jones Source Point 10

From Steve Guttenberg’s YT channel.

I expect greatness. I will certainly look for these for a second system, if they are something great.
I’m a Tannoy fan & I’m guessing these will be something like a Tannoy DC10A maybe for way less cost.



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edit - ahhh…a brand, not an acronym.

They’re certainly a MoFi price whistles
I bet they sound killer though.

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These are about $2k more than I gave for my Tannoy XT8F, that were on sale at Upscale Audio several years ago.
Still these are much less than the Tannoy DC10A or the comperable Fyne model. With those is where the comparison needs to be made, sound wise.

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at least hes signing with american companies, save us some import fees.

fyne audio has been running decent sales for the last year or 2. i think they are still working on building their brand name.

are they sealed or ported?

Dual ports in the rear.

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Looks like Z is getting a pair