Any anime figure collectors?

Only about a year into collecting so the collection is still small

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I had not gotten too deep into figures as I did Gunpla once upon a time, but I still have a few neglected figure in storage.

But more than that, I still have a collection of manga and dvds and Blu-rays that I should display. I should get two more bookshelves so I don’t have to double stack and hide half of my collection behind itself and add it to my streaming background.

I have thought about buying figures but decided not to for my health and well-being.

Also as an aside, fuck Funko pops I fucking hate those disgusting horrible lookin insulting to whatever they represent lookin cheaply made rip-off coraline lookin asses. fuck

I have thousands of CDs in milk crates in my basement taking up space with nowhere to put them.


Pop figures have space in the market. It’s for people who are new to the space and don’t know better but are on a budget basically how I got into collecting. Have a couple lying around

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There’s probably similar priced figures out there that imo look much better. I just hate the aesthetic of Funko pops

not really but for about double the price you can start getting cheaper scales like banpresto , and EXQ figures, and amiibos . but pops are cheap you can get them for like $5

and if it exists their is probably a pop of it. I hate them personally nowadays becuase they take up so much space at conventions due ot pure price, and availability. no one really sells collectors figures at the scale funko does they are literally everywhere and is going ot be their downfall they aren’t special and they are soulless collectables

You can get some amiibos for pretty cheap depending on where you are and what amiibos they are. Even around the 10-15 buck mark

yeo but they don’t cover that many characters only nintendo properties and few others but those arent as good as the nintendo ones.

True, I guess I would just value a better made and accurate to what they represent over a funko

why i spend the premium for my figures

Some of mine :slight_smile:


Here’s one every collector needs:
Pennywise the clown moe-fied

srsly tho who is this for? XD

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It was best selling for a while on amiami was debating grabbing one lol she’s pretty cute and from a pretty high quality manufacturer