Any audio product you wouldn't be cought dead with?

I see a fair amount of people with strong distastes towards particular models or brands and constantly go out of their way to dissuade others from considering what they dislike. I personally am not someone who has that strong of an option (unless someone reminds me by mentioning something). If you feel you wouldn’t be cought dead with a specific audio product, please feel free to share lol

Kraken gaming headset…


That’s a pretty good one, I know a fair bit of people who despise Razor

Maybe it was Razor i meant, they look the same and are both owned by my kids!!! :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

Anything made by Beats


Airpods. I’d pick almost any iem ever over an airpod.


Even a pair of old monster beats iems?:upside_down_face:

Lol. Maybe not those.
But yeah. outside the 27 inch 1440p cinema display monitor that had had miraculously good built in speakers everything audio they make which includes beats is crud.

I don’t think its actually as bad as it’s used to be, and I would label the sound “passable,” but they lose that mark because of what they charge. The airpods imo are actually really cool, convenient, seamless with apple products, and has so much potential if they just turned it into an iem design and cared more about the sound. No other fully wireless earbud/iem manufacturer has been really able to match the simplicity and overall great experience of the airpods. Please wireless iem manufactures take some notes from apple, you would be a fair bit more successful

While the wireless stuff is cool and well implemented but I’d rather personally stick with a wired option. Apple runs into issues with them crippling their batteries to force an upgrade which has been the subject of a lot of legal hearings up in Canada

Yeah, not endorsing apple as a company here lol. I am very aware of how they screw their customers daily. I was just commenting on their excellent wireless experience. I personal have no issues with wires and probably will not buy wireless stuff in the near future, as wireless just isn’t there quality wise yet (regarding common used wireless audio transmission/streaming)

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Beats and Bose. I consider airpods a convenience device not an audio device.

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That’s a good way of putting it :+1:

these seem very popular but i think wearing 2 glowing VU meters on my ears while on bus is not my style.

I think the worse and dumbest headphones I’ve ever tried were a pair of Mad Catz Tritton Surround sound headphones/headset about a decade ago. One of those ones with the multiple drivers for each ear. I know Razer has at least a couple of those, but the Trittons were pretty terrible. Not only was the sound awful, but it was a pain to setup, terrible build, and just generally uncomfortable. First and last time I ever bothered with a multi-driver surround sound headset.

I think I would always recommend “simulated” surround sound to anybody who even strongly insisted on a “surround” headset for gaming.

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a lot of people seem to despise bose

Lol I haven’t seen a madcatz product in a while. I really liked their higher end keyboards back in the day, but their quality took a nosedive



You can have the music centre i’ll even chuck in the records if I can have the Golf? lol.

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Sennheiser’s new entry level series of headphones. Those ones with the “.” in the model number. I hate manufacturers who coat their products in that rubber material. Why? Because it turns nasty in a couple of years, it turns to goo. I still can’t forgive Sennheiser for discontinuing the PX95 which was a replacement for the PX100-ii. Idiots!