Any car audio people on here?

Looking to build a system for my Madza MX5 NC.

Probably needs to be 5.25 or 6x8 for the woofers and then tweeters I should have more freedom on. Not looking to add a sub.

Does anyone have advise on what is a good bang for buck setup? I don’t mind buying woofers from brand X and tweeters from brand Y. (System’s running well un-amped preferred)

I’ve only ever had Pioneer coaxials and rockford components in my cars so keen to try something different.

Is it a stock head unit or is it an aftermarket?


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What type of budget are you looking at, and also are you planning on treating the inside of the car

Probably around 200. Don’t need anything crazy. Just want to get a decent upgrade from stock. Not currently planning any treatment.

Looking at a uncrew door and replace speaker level of effort. Don’t drive that much in it to justify more.

Owned a shop for a few years. They make component plate sets that separate the woofer and tweeter for the 6x8 I believe infinity makes one. The 5.25 complete sets are easier to come by. Again separates the woofer and tweeter.

They will come with crossover boxes that can be hidden easily. Again I’m a big fan of infinity.

Once that’s installed I recommend anp… you’ll never get the sound you really want or that decent aftermarket speakers are capable of without an amp.

Amps these days are smaller than they used up be. A small 4 channel or even a 2 ch would be fine… 2 ch will give you stereo balance but you’ll loose front to back fade which probably doesn’t matter on a car that small.

You can adjust the brand to adjust the budget, just read reviews of the speakers before you purchase. Really really cheap car audio typically isn’t good.

Can’t even count 200$ speaker change as a system change.
You would need a lot more.
Absorbing material alone have cost more and the current one is my lowest total budget SQ build.

Don’t even know how to go budget… hopefully will learn.

I can kinda agree, and also tbh stock car audio has gotten more respectable than it used to be to the point where I would agree you may want to spend more to get a significant upgrade

True they have gotten much better.
On my current car when it was new. Took the best stereo set was on list.
4 months and i was tearing it all out for a Focal set and a heavy absorb job on full car. :upside_down_face:

Friend bought the New Volvo S90 and Premium Sound By Bowers & Wilkins. That was good for stock audio, would have not changed a thing.

I had the top tier burmester in my porsche and it was actually pretty great (and I didn’t want to mess up the car lol) (although that’s now been sold for the studio lol). In my other car though I do have a full jl audio setup that’s pretty sweet

Yeah I was thinking the same size wise. The rears are basically against my head.

I was hoping to piggy back of the first brand name to pop out from here. The Kappa 5" component set does look nice.

Really looking for minimal effort, maximum return. This is 30-45 minute car journey a day that I am trying to liven up a bit. Not keen on spending crazy money on this car as I’ve two others that I intend to go batshit on in the future.

Your way of expressing advice does come across… interesting. I’m inclined to give you the benefit still but I suspect this might cause offense on here in the future.

Thanks none the less.

It’s a 2007 model. The woofers are busted and the tweeters can kind of pass but overall sound too thin. Thanks for the advice as always though.

Ah yeah then you could get a decent pop in replacement. I’m not sure what the best bang for buck speakers with no amp are right now though

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Have you taken a peek at Crutchfield to see what’s available this week while there are still some sale prices? They are good folks and take good care of me for work related projects all the time.

On a speaker change video someone changed JBL GX862 in there. Door panel still should have a tweeter place… wondering is there oval shaped 2-way speaker (woofer/midrange) with separate tweeter.
Like 2-way 6.5" usually have.

I’ve also seen people say if you take out the current mounting you can actually fit bigger speakers. The standard mounting is oval shaped though yes.

I don’t mind mixing and matching to be honest. I’d probably have to…

Are JBL speakers any good? I’ve always associated them with those bluetooth boomboxes so I’ve kind of stayed cleared of them.

That’s very useful indeed, thank you. I’ll probably have to use their website as reference point only. Importing from the states to Ireland kills the prices.

I miss having a good old car shops with people that care. Went to one in my area (when I was looking at going full system) and from the offset I could see this guy was into the best deal for him and not would sound well in the car.

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Ah…Ireland… France is next door, buy anything from Focal and throw it in there if you can get good prices on them. You should be well satisfied.

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