Any tips or things should I know first before I mod my DT 880 Pros?

I am thinking about modding my DT 880 Pros, and the mod involves the cable or wire becoming detachable for I am not a fan of cables that are attached and I had bad experiences with them in the past. I am pretty much a beginner here and I don’t claim that I know all methods of modding things involving audio, I just want to know on what to do when it comes to soldering, removing the cables in a good method and of course the required materials needed in order to execute this mod that I would be doing. Though my dad said that we’re going to decrease the value of my cans if we are indeed going to mod it.

If you google Demevalos Beyerdynamic Detachable Cable Mod, you should find the tutuorial that Demevalos went to great detail to outline…he even included pictures. Demevalos is a respected member of the hobby and is active on many forums. I think you will find it most helpful.


nice, his explanations on each pictures that he posted is straight to the point and simple enough to be understand such a newbie to modding. I think when I have the courage to do it I will do the mod but for now yeah I am a bit scared doing it atm.

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Just a heads up…I only had 2 previous minor soldering experiences with much simpler stuff…I was able to walk my way through it using his guides. I have modded 5 pair of Beyers since then, each time is easier. I must say though, having a dremel to widen the opening for the jack made things much easier.

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many many mods done here:

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I like my Dremel as much as the next guy (plunge-cutting aluminium ftw!), but a small round key-file seems like a much more controllable option for modding a headphone.

I dont own any files of any type, but I do own a dremel, lol.

Modding the earpads and headpads are going to be much easier for me since the DT 880 Pro allows that luxury to have more ease on replacing those parts, and I am glad I did purchased the Pro version.

Also, any recommended wires should I get once I modded my DT 880 Pros? Just the typical 3.5mm socket and plug will do good enough for me.

While you are making your 880’s yours, why not go all in and make a custom cable?

Neutrik has some fairly easy to use plugs (unlike Hicon, grumble grumble).


I just wrote up a complete balance mod tutorial if you’re still interested. I deviated from Demavelos’ guide because his wasn’t a balance mod, but the core things like disassembly is there.