Anybody else wish Spotify would just get flacc?

I just can’t stand Qobuzz and Tidal sucks with music suggestions. Womp.

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Go Qobuz. Had spotify for years and switched.

Yes. It would be nice. Spotify is the most user friendly of the streaming services, IMO. Its navigation and interface are more intuitive than any of Qobuz, Tidal, or Amazon. Perhaps the varying sample and bit rates from those 3 have some adverse impact on functionality? Otherwise I don’t know why the lossless streamers are lagging in user experience. That’s especially true of Amazon. With their vast resources to put into figuring such things out, they have little excuse.


Fully agree and Yes. It would be nice.
If they also could keep the pay 50% less than competition. That would be small gold mine.
But… probably amount of flack/lossless listeners would be so small vs. the other, costs would add-up so much it ain’t profitable.
So money in the end is the reason. Tech, software and information already is here.

I only have Spotify because of student discount

Qobuz doesn’t have that yet and doing it with tidal means having to give into mqa

Make Spotify hifi happen


Isn’t Spotify testing lossless streaming again? I feel like I read that somewhere recently


At least they where… few topics mention that they canceled the hole thing?
Haven’t seen anything official in a long time.

I’d pay twice as much if it was lossless, 320kbps one you get to a certain point just isn’t enough.

Just use Tidal. Its not that expensive if you think about it. Imagine paying for all of those songs/albums like people used to back in the days :stuck_out_tongue: (of course economy was better in the “boomer” days as well)

Personally I still buy lots of records to support bands. And also to have FLACs for my DAP.

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Perhaps, but I am sure a lot of people on this forum listen to some pretty obscure music, which might not be on Tidal.

I for one am sure that if I did switch there would be a few songs that I would just be missing out on.

I live with the Qobuz interface in hopes it’ll get better. Plus you get use to it after a bit. The quality is better than spotify and the selection is really good as well. I’ve mostly found what I’m looking for but there are times when an artist/band is missing, like Metallica for example.

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Not me, I listen to common music and spotify premium works great for me. Their high quality tracks sound very good to my ears. Of course my flac sounds the tiniest bit better, but I’m not trying to analyze when I listen to spotify. If I want to listen to my flac files, I can just pull out my DAP and connect it to my chain.


This is the number 1 thing I was thinking about in my post on functionality above. Spotify’s library is immense, but they also seem the most comfortable admitting that their library isn’t perfect or complete. Both their desktop and mobile apps have ways to integrate local files NOT from their library into playlists mostly built from their streaming library. The others have refused to do so thus far, and I’ve asked them to.

I thought so too, but a quick Googling reveals that news is almost 3 years old:

I’m not holding much hope Spotify gets into the lossless game anytime soon.


I think it would be cool if they did, but I’ve tried testing my hearing a bunch of times to see if I can determine which bitrate of a song I’m listening to, and I’m pretty inconsistent. Like 60% of the time I guessed correctly, but that came after figuring out a little more what to listen for to determine if I’m listening to a higher quality file.

I’d like it on an intuitive level because I could be confident that I’m listening to songs at their highest quality, but I’m not sure I’d “actually” appreciate the difference ya know?

The lossless market it miniscule compared to the market as a whole. I’m sure there are more.profitable ways for Spotify to invest their resources. That said I would be first to sign up if they do!!!


I just want a website that gives music suggestions! I want to expand my listening experience!

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This reminds me of something I heard or saw somewhere, that spotify actually isn’t a profitable company. I’d have to look more into but I think that’s correct.

I for one cant tell a difference between a High Quality song on Spotify and the same “Master” quality song on Tidal. I tried tidal just cant justify it. Maybe with my new dac coming ill be able to hear the difference but onbaoard feeding LS and on Sendi Aiva I just dont hear a difference. Ill stick with spotify untill I find something that I hear a noticable change in quality. Just my 2cents

I get most of my music by scouring rym (rate your music).