Anyone buy the Polk LSiM 703/705/707 on sale?

Out of curiosity, did anyone pull the trigger on the Adorama sale on LSiM 703 or 705 or 707s?
Any thoughts and/or feedback of them?

I scooped a pair of the LSiM 703s, and while I haven’t had a ton of time at home to enjoy them (I travel for work most of the time), I actually prefer them in near-field to the LS50s I was using for my PC setup. For the sale prices, they are a RIDICULOUS deal, IMO. Imaging, midrange clarity, bass response are all stellar to my ears. They do look hilariously huge in near-field, though. They kind of stretch the limits of what could be called a ‘bookshelf’ speaker lol.

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Shoot, I kind of want them pretty badly. Maybe if I can sell some of my extraneous gear (such as my ELAC 6.2s) and DACs, I’ll scoop them up if they sale is still live.

Do they such warm/lush/smooth? I’m a sucker for that sound signature.
I’ll be using a tube amp with them (potentially).

I would place them on the warmer side of neutral, definitely not a bright or harsh speaker. I’m running mine from a Crown XLS1002 and Topping DX3pro, both of which seem to be pretty “honest” sources. If you look up some reviews, I’ll think that you’ll find that they are a pretty relaxed listen that plays well with most sources.

Shoot, I’ve spent a decent amount of money lately and I’m a sucker for good value, lol

If you’re on the fence, they’ve been out for a number of years (2012, I think?) and there’s a ton of reviews out there. Spend some time reading up to see if it really sounds like what you want. I was actually looking at waiting for the new Polk Legend series to go on sale some years down the road, and when these came up on sale, I just couldn’t resist.

Lol, I got them. I’m sure I’ll love them, especially with a smoother sound signature. Time to lock my credit card in a safe for Black Friday and the holidays…

Tagging @M0N, just because.

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Nice lol, not sure what I have to do with this, but hope you enjoy them :+1:

I heard these and they were pretty great sounding, and at this price its a real bargain (surprised more people don’t know these exist or are good lol)

Was actually looking at picking up some legend L200’s myself but this is a much better deal (if I needed more speakers lol)

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Nah, it’s just that we’ve been in consistent communication lately, so thanks for that :wink:

Now it’s time to hock my ELAC 6.2s.

I think that you’ll be quite pleased with them, and if by some odd chance that you aren’t, you should be able to resell them at minimal (if any) loss. Have fun with them!

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Hey stupid question regarding the 703s, if I don’t plan on biwiring or biamping them, do I plug both banana plugs to the top posts? Or am I supposed to plug one up and one down? Anything special?
Of course, I left the binding posts plugged in.


You would just plug them into the top posts (or the bottom if you feel like it)

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Thanks, I just switched to the bottom posts to give me a few inches of wiggle room for my wires.

So… how do they sound?

After Friendsgiving, I converted my guest room into a listening room. I placed the speakers in a position where they disappear with wide soundstage. I close the blinds, pretend I’m sipping scotch (because it’s dark – only thing lighting up the room are tubes), and have an eargasm.

They definitely opened up more after break-in.


Very nice. What speakers did you move up from and how do they compare?

My other pair of speakers are Klipsch RP-280FA and those are really nice for home theater and EDM or Rock music. They are definitely dynamic and fun.
I typically lean towards the side of acoustic + singer and I think there is where these LSiMs shine. They are definitely lush, full, and tactile. I also pair them up with a tube amp and a SMSL M100 DAC.

Good to know. I love good acoustic music and especially love when speakers can play it well. I also love EDM and listen to is on a regular basis. Do these do EDM music justice?

They do, but I’d bring a sub to the party. I’ve currently got mine paired up with an RSL Speedwoofer 10S, and that combo DEFINITELY does it justice.

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