Anyone else stoked that Tool is on Spotify now?

I only listened to Tool on the radio, at least 10 years ago. I had no idea how well recorded and dynamic their music is until now. I have a lot to catch up on! Fun!

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I really enjoy the Tool discography, and as a bonus alot of their releases were mastered really well, and the combination of great music and great fidelity is really addicting

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Also available on Tidal. Yay, now you can enjoy their music on most of the services.

Really? Thats super nice then! I think the album Lateralus has my favorite production. Dark, spacious, ominous sounding, and punchy when it needs to be. Can really get into it

I’m super happy with this!! Already listened to 2 albums since i saw they were available this morning! All i need is to get a new set of cans to properly enjoy them.

Tool lover here… Just became available on HD-Tracks for purchase as well:



Well now that know they are finally on spot I’m stoked . They are basically the only metal band I enjoy

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I’ve owned a copy of every Tool album for the past 13+ years. Why would I be “stoked” that I can now listen to albums I’ve already been listening to for the past 13-27 years? Did people just not listen to Tool before now because they couldn’t be bothered to actually own their music? I really cannot fathom why people are excited about this.

Eh, it’s all about convince. I also own most of the tool discography on CD, but putting it on a streaming platform is nice for people just getting into tool or people who commonly use streaming platforms for their main music

Because some of us would rather pay $15/month for 5 accounts of unlimited music. I gave up on CDs when my whole collection was stolen in high school. Go ahead and enjoy yours.

Translation: You, like everyone else who has sold their soul to our corporate overlords to stream all their audio and video content (frequently at the cost of quality over convenience), have given up on the concept of ownership itself. That’s not to say music streaming isn’t a wonderful way to discover new music, albeit one that limits you to whatever happens to be available on streaming services at a given point in time, but, if you actually consider yourself a fan of a particular artist, I find it pretty sad when you demonstrate no interest in having constant, reliable, and rent-free access to their music.

In any case, I never mentioned CDs. There are more ways to own music than CD, though CDs are definitely up there.

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I being at college age currently only discovered tool in highschool didn’t have money then to buy cds I listened to them using piracy. So yeah I am stoked they are on Spotify so I don’t have to go out of my way to pirate their music and just add any of their songs to my playlist. If streaming music means I don’t have to pirate stuff anymore that seems like a better situation. Growing up using piracy all my life the concept of fair ownership of any of my music. We live in a convenient world so why not take advantage?

Holy hell. If you’re that poor, then just pirate it. You make it sound like you’re living under a bridge.

No I’m not poor at all just Asian and spending money on something I can get for free or stream for $10 a month cause that’s a good deal. Hard to justify buying an album unless I wanna rip flacs.on them cause I can’t find the flac on a pirate site or like the album enough

I guess another benefit about an artist going on Spotify and other platforms is that they have new revenue streams and can generate more income by getting royalties and getting more publicity with newfound listeners and hype. It’s definitely not bad to support the artists you like

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I also own every tool album but it is much convenient to listen to tool the same way i listen to all my other music, also its now much eaiser to expose more people to there music which is an absolute win.

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The artists get very very little from streaming services, it’s similar to when their music is played on radio. The profits will go to a music licensing organisation and the record companies. Usually artists make their money by touring or from physical sales (although that is still a small cut).

On the bright side Tool have a new album coming out on the 30th August. I can’t wait for that.

Yeah, it’s more the renewed awareness for the band that will drive new profits

Hey! New TOOL song today! First one in 13 years!


Did you buy this yet, @Hyp0xia?

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