Anyone feel like their listening at too high of a volume?

Just some random question. It sound silly, but I’d still like to know regardless. I personally feel that I may be listening to my tracks a little too loudly, but then again, it sounds pretty satisfying to me so I wouldn’t totally know if that’s wrong until my ears break or something lol.

I mean it’s good to control your volume because you can keep raising it during a session when you listen without thinking. Just check at times and realize what you are doing

Seems fair enough. Even my folks complain think I’m listening a little too loudly. Sometimes I feel like I get more detail out of my headphones, but it seems like I either have to up the gain, or keep it on low and move the volume knob to around 2-3 o clock for it to get satisfyingly loud for me. That being said I think I may be overdoing it.

There’s perceived differences in frequency response at louder volume. You can try playing with EQ a bit and potentially get satisfying sound at lower levels.

Since human hearing is adjusting to different levels volume in different situations.
It is very usefully to check levels time to time. This is much easier to do with open headphones or speakers.
Closed and NC headphones + IEM are the worst.
Levels can slip to dangerous and not even notice it since the music is so good.
Damage is permanent.

Anyone feel like their listening at too high of a volume?

Eh??? Speak up, sonny!!!


I often question that too. I’m pretty aware now of what volume I’m listening at. I’ve also got into the habbit of timing my sessions, and having more frequent breaks.

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I feel that. Sometimes after taking my break I find out once I get back into listening music that I had the volume dial up a little too high. Breaks sure seem to do alot in sorta “resetting” our minds into what’s good and what isn’t by the looks of it.

One of the benefits of tinnitus; if you listen to anything too loud, you know it as soon as the music stops.


Yep, too often. I catch myself though and turn back the volume most times. Also, i actually dislike using headphones, all of them make my ears hot and uncomfortable (i have big ears) so i tend to pull them back from my head often and many times i realize i need to turn down the volume because there is a slight ringing happening when i break the seal.

You know what they say about guys with big ears…

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I am unfamiliar with that phrase, please explain

I feel like I don’t listen to music too loud, pretty careful about this sort of thing.


I honestly feel the exact opposite lmao. It’s always me listening too loud, and then turning it down after I stop for a few minutes. That never seems to change, I’m far too reckless lol

I rather grab ear protectors before doing any work with potentially loud power tools, and that is also how I approach volume settings. Can always turn up later.


You only get one set of ears and our hearing degrades plenty without helping the process.

Relevant infos.