Anyone have experience with the little bear b4x?

Just curious if it would be a decent first introduction to tube sound for cheap and also portable if I wanted to? Up until now I’ve only heard various solid state amps. Thanks!

It’s probably one of the best cheap and portable hybrids you can get for the price, I would recommend it if you are looking for something portable. I think that a desktop solution might yield a better experience to tubes but if you want portable the little bear is great


I have the Little Bear B4, and it’s great. From my understanding, the benefit of the X is balanced output.
It’s a great amp with a decent amount of power behind it (can push my DT990 Pro). I’ll agree with M0N that a desktop solution might be a better experience if you didn’t want portable.

What might be a good desktop solution for a similarly cheap price?

It would be a bit more, but for a full on tube amp the little dot mk2 is pretty great for the price I think

Are you wanting a dac and an amp, or just the amp?

I don’t really need another dac as I have 2 already. A “dumb” dac, jds labs ol dac, and a very capable dac, rme adi 2.

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Any experience with the xduoo ta10 and ta20? I was curious about these even though the price is higher.

Those are hybrids, and they are pretty great imo. I think the ta20 would be something you might want to look into if you wanted a hybrid amp. If you wanted a full on tube sound/amp though, I would suggest other options

My only issue is physical space, that’s why I was thinking about the b4x. My tiny desk is pretty crowded as it is.

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You could get a little rack stand and that might help your space situation lol

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I was thinking about that, didn’t know what they were called to look them up

In that case, a little dot for ~$15* more would be great. I’m personally gearing up to order a TA10, but I also don’t already have a dac, so in your case a TA20 would be better(if you don’t mind hybrid and want balanced), provided you didn’t mind the extra cost, and the fact you won’t be running 100% balanced.
I can also safely say you have more space then me.

*Edit: That price difference is also with a price I noticed on eBay coming from China.

Any rack or selfing unit that will fit will work, it just needs to hold stuff lol

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Damn the 250 ohm? Wouldn’t wind giving it a try

Yep. Gets loud enough for me not to hear the world around me.

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You have the b4 or the b4x?

B4 non-x
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Hmm maybe I’ll just go for that one. I don’t think need balanced

Plugged into rear panel audio from my desktop via aux to the B4 then to the 250 ohm DT990 with the volume fully maxed, the music is distorting to all hell and I have to turn it down.

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