Anyone with the first-hand Fearless Audio S8F experience?

I’m on the verge of buying Fearless S8F, but I would like some more info other than BGGAR’s.
Everything I know about them it seems I will like them but you never know. I do want good punchy bass, and lots of details, treble doesn’t offend me as long as they’re not sibilant. Good clarity and resolution in all frequencies is very important.
Recently I tried Tin Hifi P1, and honestly I don’t understand the hype. These must be the worst in ears I tried ever, and I drove them with Ifi xdsd, just terrible.
So is there anyone with some thoughts on S8F, what can I expect in lows and highs?

Watch BGGAR’s review about the Audiosense T800. It might change your mind.

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I am also eyeballing the T800 :frowning: maybe they will still be around/very good when I get some cash together.

I didnt mention T800 at all. Of course I’m aware of that model I saw the review and read some as well. T800 seems like it should be a nice pair and cheaper. But I’d rather buy Fearless model, by now well established company than model from Audiosense being fairly new to the game. I’m not denying what T800 potentially is, I’m just saying I will trust Fearless a bit more.