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549 USD (plus tax) for an ANC headphone. Talk about the Apple tax…


$550? What tf ever. In a year when the non-replaceable batteries are shot they’ll be worth exactly $0. Not falling for that again (AirPods).


My life is not complete without it, I need to everyone will know that I’m a deep and creative person…


Now back to reality, even if they are halfway decent which I’m assuming they might be (like the AirPods pro), that is one hella expensive (and UGLY) set of headphones, that needs to compete with some very heavy hitters.


There’s what I call the “boob purse” carrying case.


Not something I’d ever buy and I’m sure it’s overpriced by default, but I’ve learned to give Apple the benefit of the doubt.
I personally don’t use anything Apple, but so many people have praised the AirPods Pro that it makes me think they actually know what they’re doing


I loved them for their convenience but when the batteries started holding charge for only 15 minutes between charging I trashed them. Won’t make the same mistake again.

Wow these look… Kind of ugly. Like a pair of computer mouse(mice?) Sitting on your ears. But I’m going to assume that the general consumer world will have these on everywhere and everyone will have one and all ears will look the same and this commercial just makes it even crazier!

Everyone will look pale and bald but with 550 dollar apple headphones on in 2021


This is going to eat into Beats profit. You know they’ll sell regardless of what they sound like.

I bet the sound signature will be… meh, or just fine. But honestly, knowing Apple, I bet they’ll be very comfortable and I bet the ANC will be top of the line.


To be more than double the price of Airpod Pros, these 40mm drivers better be more than just good lol. The earphones I can sort of forgive, but $550 is very steep for BT full-sized headphones.

Can’t deny some of the features like Adaptive EQ sound cool, but I also have 0 interest for convinience features.

Legit kind like this case design only good thing to come out of this is this case design that’s gonna come out for every popular headphone

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They look pretty cheap but I don’t know if i agree that they look ugly lol. Just a little cheap looking, like a toy. And audio wise I sure if won’t be particularly special lol

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Surprised there isn’t an apple logo on the cups.

The one thing apple generally consistently nails is external build quality, look at iPhones , MacBooks macs they all feel solid and quality. Just visually looking at it. It kinda looks like some sort of micro suede or fabric to get that clean minimal design of the case. The product itself kinda looks ugly imo. I hate the rounded edges sucks cause they have a whole Brand that makes fashion cans. They should have just found the designer of the band o h6 and let them do their magic as that to me screams apple in the modern minimal design while looking good.

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For real. The driver housing just looks so monolithic and plain. Headband looks like some ugly crap Koss would pull.

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Well personally I’m fine with the design. Even tho it’s not super modern looking in terms of shape that’s for sure.

Does anyone know much about the drivers themselves, did they get them custom made or were they repurposed from a different headphone?

It’ll turn out to be another Sendy Aiva clone :slight_smile:



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maybe in the looks but in functionality they have been pretty terrible.
Macbooks thermal thermal throttling, the damn butterfly keyboards, and a bunch of other things, not to mention you can forget from modding these, they will probably weld that thing shut.