Are audioquest nighthawks top tier or am I going crazy?

I needed to share this to confirm my sanity

A while back I was asking for suggestions on what headphones to get. It was my first time trying out the hifi life. With help of some others on the forum, we narrowed it down to the audioquest nighthawks. I paired this with an aune b1 (I needed something good and portable). At this time I was planning on getting on getting the sings 006 but managed to find the nighthawks at 250 dollars US. At first when I got the combo, it was miles better than anything else I have ever heard. I remember seeing the flyer pamphlet thing including saying that I should wear it for at least 70 hours or something to get the “full experience”. I thought it was just some marketing stuff and tossed it aside. I was going through my playlist and came across renai circulation. At first I heard it, I thought it sounded pretty damn good, and moved on to the next track. 2 months later, I found that track again. I played it, and just wow. EVERYTHING changed. When I started it, they literally sounded like they were whispering in my ears. I could here just how wet the voice was, like it was singing to me in a live performance. I took the sound demos zeos recorded (lots of people say that the sound demos were reeeeally accurate so I trusted them to be accurate). I started slow and compared them to the sivga 006 I was originally planning on getting. The nighthawks had a waaaay more clear sound and miles more soundstage. I could feel every thump from the bass from nitro 76 track 11. Next was the Neumann ndh20. And again, the sound was much more clear and it felt like everything was folding and warping in birds nam nam too much skunk tonight. Then senheiser 660 was next, and what do you expect. Like previously mentioned, when get renai played everything was better. Lastly was stax l700. And I was genuinely in awe. These cans I picked up for about 250 bucks + a 170 dollar amp beat a MULTI THOUSAND DOLLAR SETUP. I just wanted to share my experience.


Well, glad you have found something you like, and also nighthawk gang lol :+1:


I feel like the Universe will not stop nagging/harassing me about these until I find and get a pair.


You aren’t alone. Though I have different pads on it (ZMF Eikon lamb perf).

It plays nice with my amp, and I usually have it out more and more often.


How do you change pads on these? Aren’t they proprietary?

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I just use the same plastic ring for different pads. It is not perfect, but secures it enough to where I haven’t seen it fall off or be a pain.

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You’re going crazy

Maybe someday we’ll upgrade to the god tier Helios.



I love the skepticism of the Helios from people who havent even tried them

Dude. You really need the attention. Get a dog, it will be cheaper than hoarding countless headphones (that you’re unable to enjoy anyway being deaf and all) and then trying to show off here like you know what you’re talking about. Three months ago you had no idea, there are hundreds of your questions to prove that. And know you act all hurt when someone question your opinions like you are an expert. Learn from the guys here that really know what they are talking about. First of all, they are humble and respectful, they actually pay attention to what they are asked and recommend based in what the person asked and their experience. You are just waiting to pitch your mantra and it is tiring, really tiring.

Not that you care…

I definitely really like the audioquest nighthawk carbons and it has a special place on my shelf for headphones, though I am mad I found another for much cheaper than I bought mine for so that copy is on my ebay lol. I wasn’t a big fan of the ear pads but like another here posted you can switch them out for some good pads and it does respond fairly well to them. My favorite of dark headphones thats for sure.

i almost might go nighthawk gang if they are still selling and it helps me hear the difference between a FLAC and MP3 (its honestly hard to tell the difference on my 58X)

As long as you don’t buy em for this reason alone – and as long as you don’t see this as a “requirement” for you to enjoy music. You may not even be able to hear the difference between Flac and mp3s – not everyone is. Whatever, music is what matters the most, not what equipment is used to play it.


shouldn’t i be able to hear the difference? since then it makes sense to spend money on good heaphones and dacs and stuff

The difference between good compressed audio and Flac is not night and day.
You honestly have to listen for it, it’s largely in the way staging is presented, and the timbre of instruments and voices.
If the difference were night and day MP3 would never have taken off.
Better equipment makes it easier to hear because it exposes more of the difference.
I just wouldn’t worry about it, the whole point is to enjoy the music compressed or not.
Personally I’ll listen to hires in preference, but if it’s not available I’ll listen to what is.


Whoa, take it easy Dave, i’m just joking around. And ive been here much longer than 3 months. and hey, i’m a quick study, i do know what i’m talking about although i’m not afraid to say that i’m always learning. If someone wants to call my judgement into question without being stupid or insulting (much like your reply here) I have no problem discussing it. And i always read what the person has to say before i make a recommendation. And i’d say its more an optinion than a mantra. I dont like Mantra’s Dave. i really dont.

And for the record im the most humble guy around. No one is more humble than me. as a matter of fact, im the king of humbleness. call me emperor Humble.


Well arnt we a humble bundle… Lmao! I had to. :smiley: I got no dog in this race, just came to say Nighthawk Gang!!! :wink:


Oh yeah? Well i’m gonna say to that, Helios gang! and…when that forms you’re gonna really be in trouble. yeah

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it’s gonna be bloods vs crips all over again, audio version tho


Endgame stuff will make mp3s sound like you’re there.
Or sound like shit.
Then you will need lossless files.
And flac/CDs will sound like you’re there.

…hmm, that’s kind of an unintentional haiku.