Are headphones played out?

I know some people will argue this or say I am trolling or say they’re hitting the “ignore” button. But we all know the truth deep down. Headphones are played out. The companies that could do better like Sennheiser are happy to keep rehashing yesteryears technology while the “challengers” can only figure out how to compete at 10 times the price… If you ask me this industry is dead. Here is the realization I had. Sennheiser is still selling the HD600 like it is a legit high end option after after 24 years of it being on the market. That is as amazing as it is pathetic. The truth is nobody can really beat Sennheiser, all they can do is put shiny bits of metal on their headphones and charge thousands for mediocre sound quality. Sad fact, Sennheiser has secretaries who could design a better headphone than most of these competing products can manage. It’s just sad.

I think hd600s are firmly mid tier and not all that great, honestly. The tuning is pretty decent but that’s about all that stands out for me personally.


I think hd600s are firmly mid tier and not all that great, honestly. The tuning is pretty decent but that’s about all that stands out for me personally.

What would you say is better? Focal Utopia?? LMAO.


No, I completely disagree here…

Why do you feel Sennheiser is some sort of king in this regard I am rather curious.

My opinion: Let’s see here… sennheiser uses oval pads some are very small and for me personally hell the headphones may as well be on-ear instead of over ear which if I wanted good mid centric balanced on ears I would go grab a grado, their build quality is more than likely a hardened plastic… if you compare to like Beyerdynamic who uses an all steel framework beyer makes sennheiser look like a running joke, their sound signature is as neutral or balanced as possible just leaning certain ways… I can get these same results from other companies depending on the headphone. Sennheisers are great for mids and neutrality but hell I can go snag focal, dt 880 or T1 from beyer, or one of the many AKG headphones that are known for mids and call it a day while having better comfort and in some cases better build.

Also, do the forums a favor please try to keep how these things are worded a bit less on the combative side… your welcome to your opinion as are we all but just sitting down making a joke of the hobby or putting down all other brands except sennheiser is going to insight some nasty feedback… lets try to keep things civil… thanks



Have you considered subjectivity, varying sensory perception, or a lack of your omniscience while reaching these conclusions?


Have you considered subjectivity, varying sensory perception, or a lack of your omniscience while reaching these conclusions?

So your justification for $6,000 headphones is “varying sensory perception”, “subjectivity”, and my own “lack of omniscience”…

Man, just when you think the absurdity has reached a limit, people like you show up to give me a good chuckle. Thanks bro!

In other words, all your justifications are obfuscations. Thanks for the verifications of my original suppositions.

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It’s not bait, its a stick of dynamite up your fishy ****hole.

I think some of yall may need this

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WTB Sennheiser 660s in good condition. Anyone have one for sale?


wheres that bring the hammer down gif again… hell I can’t find it


I’ve got a pair, $6,000 CONUS.

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Sennheiser 600 series are OK, as was said here, they are mid tier. They do great mid range but if you’re looking for something else; better tone, bass, highs, detail, soundstage, etc then there are other headphones that cover those areas.

It seems like you have found what you like in the 600 series and other headphones do not compete. That is fine and I would leave it there instead of looking for anything else such as a Utopia or something expensive.

Myself and others on here would prefer to have different headphones or even multiple ones to have a choice of sound signatures. I don’t think it’s accurate to say the industry is dead, I think there are lots of competition and manufacturers are creating headphones with varying signatures. That is where the interest lies.

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I; unlike the little people, can afford multiple $6000 dollar headphones. They’re spectacular.


Did you purposely pick a super crappy pole? It get’s one star reviews lol

Nah. It was just 11 ft

Have you heard the stuff coming out of China? This is the golden age of headphones, and if not more so IEMs, offering the best price to performance ratios that have ever been. If people keep buying 600s, they’re gonna keep makin’ them. Companies want to keep coming out with better products for better prices to attract customers, but if they don’t have to, less money on R&D means more profit. That might not be a good long term goal, but if you can keep milkin’ a cash cow, why not do it? End of the day, they’re in it to make profit, not to actually enhance peoples’ enjoyment of music

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You do have a point. Here’s my opinion on it.

Companies like Sennheiser and Focal are the big players, they have the financial resources to develop new technology, make prototypes, etc. However, they don’t push the boundaries. I don’t think many people realize that commercial companies are profit/money over the consumer’s. You have to realize that no commercial company will be investing millions of dollars for your satisfaction or for their passion. Why would Sennheiser be “wasting” millions of euros on inventing new technology when they are satisfying their profit goals with the current line-up? I think that’s how they are looking at it.

Look at RAAL. A company from Serbia that invented a new headphone technology. They surely did not have millions of euros to do that, that’s not how things are in Serbia. Why has no company with laboratories, factories, and big financial resources done this? For the same reason I said above.

Many people look at things from the average consumer perspective, but you have to open up your mind and realize the business and money side of things. You often see companies establish their brand and then just sell the company. They established a successful brand and worked years on doing that, and they do not feel like putting blood, swear, and tears forever. What happens to that company after it’s sold is not the founder’s business, he got the money.

Then another thing is how much time and money designing a new technology takes. Just building dynamic drivers on its own requires a large amount of investing. Imagine fiddling around and having to pay the employees in the laboratory to design a new dynamic driver that will sound good. It’s at least 6-figure or 7-figure investments that are required to accomplish this.

I personally feel the lack of moving forward in the headphone field, but I can’t really complain. Even though most of us are in this hobby for the passion and music enjoyment, most of the companies are there for the money. I don’t think any businessman is ready to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars just to please someone’s passion needs. I think that’s the sad truth of it.

Sennheiser is doing well with its consumer line (audiophile products), I don’t think they would want to risk or decrease their profits just to try to reinvent the wheel. Their main business is probably their professional-line (not consumer-line). Focal has most of its budget from their professional (studio-line) and their loudspeaker business. But your average audiophile company has nowhere near this amount of money to invest in their business.

I think boundaries were pushed much farther back in the day. Many things are different nowadays, but you see more crazy stuff in the speaker industry (although the prices are sky-high). As of now, from my point of view, the headphone industry is kind of idle. Yes, we see new releases and everything, but I don’t think we are making big progress — that is not to say that we are not making progress. A lot of existing technologies and drivers have been perfected and improved!


You also get companies like Gold Planar, for which while people have mixed opinions about the sound of their products, I do like that they are trying with various different technologies and experimenting.

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