Are the JBL 530's still Endgame?

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my set up for a few months, and have been wanting to get the 530’s since I saw Zeos’s review last year. I’m getting some cold feet after I realized how old they are; are they still some of the best for the price? Are there other speakers I should be considering? Thanks in advance!

At 300 dollars on sale right now, I think it’s an excellent value. Endgame? That doesn’t exist so don’t worry about that lol. I don’t think the age of the speaker is something to worry about, as if it sounds good then and still holds up now there really isn’t an issue. I would personally go for it if you think you would enjoy them, as I don’t think you will be disappointed :+1:


Where are they on sale for $300?

nvm… think i found it… but that sale is gone. Well good for my wallet.

Well they were lol, it was a steal on the jbl site

They still have the price at Walmart for some reason

ah… okay. Well walmart has a good return policy at least. lol

So glad I got in on that sale. I love these things.


gurd damn thats a nice stack! :heart_eyes:

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Reasons why I’m broke😂


Oh thank god that sale is over

Edit: the autocorrect in the hifiguide has a god named for apparently, because it autocorrected god to for… all hail for

“Sure it looks goofy as hell, but sit down and listen to it”

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Love my 530’s.


I picked up a pair in dec at the 300 sale price+ had an extra coupon + cashback meant it was a hell of a deal for some amazing sounding speakers. I have it hooked up to an AV receiver but looking for a standalone stereo amp with a dac. Any recommendations based on what you guys are running? Thanks!

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How much are you thinking, and also would it need to have a dac? And what’s your preferred sound signature

The are currently $451.99 on Amazon. Not the $300 price I missed but cest la whatever.

Yeah the sale ended which was unfortunate as it was killer at 300

I give you permission to message me directly if they pop back on that. lol

So far the cheapest one I can find is on ebay new for 360, but I don’t know when or if they will drop to 300 again

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I paid around 200 for the speakers all said and done so don’t mind putting some extra money into the amp/dac to make the most out of the speakers- $3-$700 range - either seperate dac/amp or an integrated solution. Ideally I’d like something that I can keep for a while. I use tidal HiFi/mqa and LPs. I don’t want to buy something that doesn’t fit the 530s sound personality or power that the speakers won’t be able to take advantage of- so any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hmm, so you would want a setup that would allow you to decode mqa? Or do you already have a dac that can do this?

I personally think the denon pma800ne would be pretty sweet and it also has a pretty nice phono preamp

I have an audeze deckard and it seems to be able to stream master quality from my cell or laptop via USB. It’s a class A headphone amp so not sure if it’s best suited for the application.